From Zima’s Hill to Alligator Alley?

AO: Badapple

When: 04/27/2022

QIC: The Real Woody

PAX (9): Caffey, Rusty, Sprocket, The_OG Zima, Turbine, Vanilla, Goose, Wreck


After taking a week off to rest an achy back…getting older stinks and is extra reason to show RESPECT…YHC was ready to get back into the gloom to lead.  Not enough sleep and some achy bones later, it was on.  Weather was perfect and everyone was on time, with the exception of one PAX to be named later.

Customary @Woody greeting stated. Disclaimer given.  Let’s go.


SSH x 15

Weed Pickers x 15

Hillbillies x 15

Sun Gods OYO

Mosey towards Zima’s Hill and stop 1/2 way

Toy Soldiers x 15



The Thang:

Starting at the bottom of Zima’s Hill…sprint to the top and do 10 burpees.

Then…Alligator Merkins ALL THE WAY down the hill.  (Thank you to @sprocket for demonstrating flawless execution). 1/3 of the way down, there was much grumbling…and YHC could hear the voices of our kids in the car…”Are we there yet?”  Not even close.

Halfway down, @Turbine decides to finally join the rest of the Bad Apples working through the BD…well played sir.  Well played.

At the bottom, everyone was smoked…tired shoulders and chests, sore wrists…perhaps a few scraped knees from pausing…but, we are at the bottom of the hill again.

Sprint back to the top of the hill and begin 4 corners of the parking lot.

10 Lt Dans

10 LBCs

10 Jump Squats


Flying Nuns to next corner of the lot and do 20 reps of each.

Backpedal to the far side of lot (next corner) and while the plan was to do 30 of each, we modified to 20 again so that YHC could lead us to the pull up station.

Morning Call (1 PAX at a time) 5 pull ups while others do 5 Merkins

Back to the flag with perfectly executed timing, arriving as time was up.  I love it when a plan comes together.  (In full disclosure, YHC had no idea how long the Alligator Merkins would eat up time and we missed a few more delectable treats)



Convergence May 7th.

Prayers for Ready-Mix Family, Drew’s continued healing, strength, wisdom, and courage and  important meetings at work.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Good work by great men today.  Always a privilege to lead.

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