First You v. You

AO: Firehouse

When: 04/26/2022

QIC: Ace Ventura

PAX (7): Ace Ventura, Baskins, CATFISH, Janeway, LifeLock VPN, Lightweight, Suarez


YHC had been having some jealously seeing the Cumming PAX doing a monthly You v. You, where you measure your success on the same workout each month.

3 PAX (YHC, Janeway and Baskins) braved a pre-run before the main event.


Mosey to normal warm-up spot.

10 Side-straddle hops

10 Weedpickers

10 Willie Mays Hayes

Michael Phelps on your own

The Thang:

6 cones were placed around the upper loop of the park.  PAX were to run (starting from the flagpole) around the loop.  At each cone, they stop and do 10 merkins, 10 squats, and 10 WW2 sit ups.  Then continue on to the next cone and continue to repeat.  There was a 40-minute timer set.

Here were the results for each PAX:

LifeLock/Lightweight – 4

Suarez, Catfish, Ace Ventura – 3.25

Janeway – 3

Baskins – 2.5 (he admitted to taking a break to use the toilet, significantly hampering his performance).

Will revisit this one month from now, for each PAX to strive to improve their results versus their performance today.


Numerous prayer requests were conducted for local PAX.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

PAX met for coffee and enjoyed a spirted discussion on current events, especially those surrounding the Twitter purchase by Elon Musk.


This group of HIM have a great rapport with each other, and they continue to inspire and support each other, and it makes me incredibly happy to be a small part of that.

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