TheBurn’s Burph-Day Beatdown

AO: Badapple

When: 04/25/2022

QIC: TheBurn

PAX (10): goat, MillerTime, Ollie, Outhouse, Padre, Sprocket, The_OG Zima, TheBurn, Wreck, Goose


With another trip around the sun completed and Memorial Day just around the corner, the goal for today’s beatdown was to help prep the BA Pax for an upcoming Bad Apple Murph.

Due to some newly acquired ailments that go along with turning 40, YHC nixed the running portions for something even better – UGA Mat Drill inspired football movements. 

Time to go Finish the Drill!



Toy Soldiers

Weed Pickers

Sumo Squat

Standing Quad Stretch



Michael Phelps

Sun Gods

The Thang:

Set up parking lot with a cone at the end of the white line on every other parking space (on one side only).

Pax formed (2) horizontal lines of (5) each. All exercises done from one side of the parking lot to the other (30 yds or so) with 2nd group holding Air Chair/Football Position while 1st group goes and visa versa.

High Knees, Repeato

Carioca, Repeato (change which way you are facing to work Lt/Rt side leads)

2 Point Wave Drill:

Pax buzz feet in football position and shuffle horizontally while maintaining short and fast foot speed (maintaining the power base by not crossing over or clicking heels together). Pax will mirror the directional changes of (1) lead member from their group who is slightly out in front. After a few lateral directional changes, lead group member yells “Go” and the Pax sprint through to the end of the parking lot. To uphold the high standards of the Dawgs, you should Finish the Drill with great forward lean and acceleration. Repeato.


Lateral Shuffle with Downhill Acceleration: 

Pax got into a single file line near the curb and used the parking space lines to guide a lateral shuffle (short fast steps and maintaining power base). Shoulders stay square, hips low, and fast shuffle following the parking space lines. When reaching the end of a parking space line, sprint downhill (forward) past (1) space and pick up the horizontal shuffle moving the opposite way at the next line, accelerate past a space, pick up the lateral movement at the next space, etc. Cones were placed at the end of every other space to guide movements. Repeato.

Mosey over to Pull Up Bars for Murph practice.

Murph Reps:

5 Pullups, 10 Merkins, 15 Squats

Started Pax at different exercises to help with traffic jams at the Pull Up Bars. 

We completed 15 sets and moseyed back to the flag slightly early to name a couple of FNGs. 

Back at Flag – a couple of quick sets of the Lateral Shuffle with Downhill Acceleration to top off those legs.


Prayers for peace and strength for the Pope family who are facing the unimaginable loss of their 7th grade son this weekend due to cancer. 

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Super thankful to have a group of men to lean on for strength, support, and some of that good ol’ fellowship. YHC is feeling the love from all of the birthday wishes and even had (2) awesome FNG’s post this morning (Wreck and Goose). YHC received reports of a Double Merlot in the car ride home from Wreck.

Couldn’t have asked for a better gift than that.

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