September never ends

AO: Boneyard

When: 04/22/2022

QIC: Zohan

PAX (6): DREAMER, FannyPack, Feathers, lumbergh, Speedo, Zohan


Today’s BD was inspired by one I participated in a couple weeks ago while vacationing at Great Wolf Lodge. F3 Maxime from Pittsburgh led a virtual beatdown as part of Zoomanji AO. I modified some stuff.

Pre-blast included a picture of Earth, Wind & Fire band with a header – Just add Water (and a coupon).

I brought an extra coupon but this morning we had a bunch of HIMs that don’t leave the house without a cinder of their own, so the extra wasn’t needed. Arrived a few minutes early to set up. Dreamer arrived a moment later and helped me find the right spot and the right length of a run (I was aiming for ~30 sec back and forth). He really enjoyed the early warmup that included me running back and forth and him looking at me running back and forth.


Quick disclaimer and we hoisted up the coupons and Cusack them to the chosen starting point, where my JBL, phone and Weinke were waiting. Without a mosey we started with SSH, Hillbillies, Arm Circles and Weed Pickers.

The Thang:

Music by Earth, Wind & Fire. First song was September.

TABATA – 5 rounds. Each rounds contained 50 seconds of Fire (coupon exercise), 50 seconds of Water (no coupon exercise), 50 seconds of Earth (hold position) and 60 seconds of Air (run like the wind to the crosswalk and back, catch your breath the remaining seconds).

Round 1: Curls, Merkins, Al Gore

Round 2: Blockees, LBCs, High Plank

Round 3: Flatter Kicks (while holding coupon), American Hammers, Cusack

Round 4: Shoulder Press, Bonnie Blairs, hold 6″

Round 5: Goblet Squats, Mountain Climbers, Low Plank

After the 5th round we realized it’s (still?) playing September. Not sure if over and over or just rotating between 5 songs. After a brief 10 count the musical issue was fixed and we rinsed and repeated the five rounds.

The coupons and the reference to September brought up the topic of Iron Pax which led to much mumble chatter. True to Iron Pax standards, we completed 150 Merkins and a 2 mile run in the first round alone.

At the end of the second set we Cusack back to the flag for a very quick Mary of 10 Monkey Humpers IC and 5 Heels to Heaven IC.


Gwinnett Convergence 4/30. A week after Alpha Convergence.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I am still awed by the testimonies at Ready-Mix’s celebration of life. He was a true HIM and I was very much inspired. I can only hope to ever come close to his level of influence over friends and family (and friends he made family).

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