AO: Norseman

When: 04/21/2022

QIC: Password 123

PAX (30): Beaker, Bottom Bunk, Callahan, Chapter 11, Crikey, David 'Wagonwheel' Wright, Ha-ha, Honey Glazed, HotSauce, Nacho Libre, Orvis, Password 123, Pepper, Pumba, Shooter, Striper, Stu, TMI, Untouchable, Walkie Talkie, WickIT, Fields, Shawshank, FNG1, FNG2, FNG3, FNG4, FNG5, FNG6, FNG7


A warm welcome to our FNG’s, Kotters, and regulars (30 strong total); then,  our standard release and we broke into two groups under the Q leadership of Password123 (VQ) and Callahan.


Password123’s Beatdown:

“The Complex Password”
Mozy around the field and circle up at the 50
SSH (15)
Weed wacker (15)
Imperial walker (15)
Arm circles forward and backwards
Micheal Phelps/Covid (arm stretches)

Mozy to the end zone
Side lunges facing parking lot to the 45
10 burpees
Side lunges facing parking lot back to end zone

High knees to the 20
5 burpee’s
Bear crawl to the 40
5 burpee’s
Lunges back
5 burpee’s on 20, end zone

Partner up
150 Mercans
200 v sits
300 squats

run to the 20 back pedal to end zone (x2) then switch

Find a line and do 100 side jumps back and forth (over and back =1 alpha count)

Then mozy up to meet up with other group

The Thang:

Callahan’s BD:

A game of UNO with lots of legwork…


HaHa led the COT explaining the “5 rules” of F3

Prayer requests for ReadyMix’s family, Wagon Wheels friend in surgery, and all in need

HaHa led a speed-naming effort with great support from the PAX

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thank You Bottom Bunk for spearheading the breakfast that followed for Password123 and Callahan  Qing, and to Ha-Ha (COT) for making our inaugural Norsman FNG day a success.  Let’s make it a long term success by getting the 7 FNG’s and many more Kotters to benefit from a regular F3 routine.   And don’t forget everyday Tuesday and Thursday is FNG day at the Norseman.

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