I lost my Windjammer membership

AO: Windjammer

When: 04/20/2022

QIC: Zohan

PAX (8): Cookie, False Start, Milli Vanilli, NRA, Stu, uga, Walkie Talkie, Zohan


My plan was to pre-ruck with the Windjammer crew, but I could barely drag myself out of bed. Rolled to the parking lot at 5:07 to realize I wasn’t the only one struggling as it was empty of other cars.

After ~15 min of pre-run the parking lot was still mostly empty, with only Uga there. YHC started to wonder if the new management moved the Windjammer back to 6am. At about 5:26 additional PAX rolled in. Some very justified grumbles about the cold and here we go.


A quick disclaimer was given, immediately followed by 20 OYO Burpees. A real crowd pleasure. Not necessarily THIS crowd. Just A crowd. A couple PAX complained about starting cold. YHC thanked their concern but explained he did a pre-run and so he’s good.

When everyone finished their burpees we moseyed deeper into the parking lot and mixed in running backwards, side shuffles, other side and ass kickers. Circled up for SSH, Copper Head Squats, Chinooks and OYO Covids.

The Thang:


YHC explained that he saw some good form burpees and some less good and wanted us all to refine our technique and excel in burpees. Therefore we will practice each part of the burpee individually, then try again.

4 corner style – 20 Jump Squats, 20 Grinders, 20 Merkins. Skip a corner and come back to starting point for 20 Burpees.

Some grumbles and half hearted threats were issued, but the PAX plowed through.

Air chair for the six followed by a 10 count.

Body Builders

Now that we improved our Burpees, YHC introduced the Body Builders – Burpees with an extra Plank Jack. Same 4 corners (now with Plank Jacks on the 4th corner) and back to starting point for the 20 Body Builders.

The PAX debated the legality of shutting down the Windjammer ad-hoc as an emergency procedure.

Air chair for the six followed by a 10 count that seemed a bit longer than a regular 10 count. YHC allowed it.

Despite some evil eyes directed to YHC, I continued to the last installments:

Body Bag Builders

Same as above, adding alpha count Mountain Climber. The 4 corners became 5, with mountain climbers done at the Stop Sign next to the roundabout. Rep count lowered to 15 to make sure we’ll finish this portion on time.

Vailed threats came out to the open. NRA opened a new lobbying firm. A motion was called to excommunicate Zohan from the Windjammer and a majority was reached within a few seconds. YHC had to return his gun and badge, if he had any. He didn’t.

After the 10 count YHC promised that part was done.

11s – Sideways Situps and Freddie Mercuries 

Sideway sit-up is a 4 count exercise. A combo of regular sit up and American hammer, so when you sit instead of facing forward you twist to one side. 4 count means Up and Twist left, Down, Up and Twist right, Down. The Freddie Mercuries were also done 4 count (like IC).

Plank for the 6.


With 2-3 minutes to finish we moseyed to the flag. YHC called for Makhtar N’Diayes. After a lengthy discussion on how to pronounce it, how to spell it, the origin of the name and what it does we actually had less than a minute to execute 15 of them in cadence.


Convergence on May 7th. Cookie will retire as our Nantan. the new Nantan will be announced then.

Tomorrow The Norseman will have FNG day. Food included.

NRA shared his SIL had her last chemo treatment and got to ring the bell. Joyful occasion.

Today at 4pm – Ready Mix’s Celebration of Life.

Johns Creek sub region is working on a CSAUP (date TBD). Plan is to Ruck Gladiator-Boneyard-Widowmaker with pain stations. Extra credits for Rucking back too, but we’ll have cars ready to shuttle back. Open for all, of course!!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I love the Windjammer crew (always lots of mumble chatter). My last month or so has been highly inconsistent and so I missed the guys. Appreciate the opportunity to lead and I hope it won’t be the last, desipte the unanimous voting today 😀

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