Core Work…to include all major muscle groups :)

AO: Atlas

When: 04/19/2022

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (3): Rusty, Thud


Chilly morning at Atlas didn’t keep these three pax from posting and getting in some core work. And by Core-Work, YHC means pretty much all major muscle groups….sorry for the false advertising Rusty 😉



No moseying just some various warm-ups like SSH, Imperial Walker, Weed Pickers, Frankensteins, Arm Circles, etc.  And this is when Thud showed up just in time to fetch some Cindy’s!

The Thang:

Slam Ball Burpees x3 in the middle for 2 rounds each while other men did the following:
1st round – Plank
2nd round – American Hammers
3rd round – Monkey Humpers
Cusack out to lightpole and back to catch our breath.
4 Corners with Escalator & Cusack in between:
10 OH Squats
20 Skull Crushers
30 Lunges (single)
40 Curls
Copperhead Press (on six) x10 – then each man took turns bear crawling & holding 6” for 1st rd and 60 sec 6” hold on 2nd round.
CH OH Press x10 – plank
CH Bent Over Rows – Al Gore
Lunges out/Imp Walker back
Flutters w/ block
Box Cutters w/ block
Dolly w/ block


Prayers for Rusty and family as they had to put down his pup on Easter.


Rusty also has cancer fundraiser going till June 10 and his team is working hard to raise money for cancer research.


YHC and Rusty also chatted during COT about 2.0’s and all the things they go through these days and/or put US through. Prayers for all the 2.0’s in F3Alpha!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great work put in by all 3 pax in attendance today. Good mumble chatter throughout with some solid classic rock playing in the background.


Atlas has a lot to offer the pax and encourage ALL MEN to visit if you have never been or if it has been awhile. Wanna Q and test out some crazy Cindy or Atlas Ball workout….??  This is your place!


You’re still reading this BB??  Great, go here and put your name down 🙂

Atlas Q Sheet





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