Get Rid of Easter Belly

AO: Badapple

When: 04/18/2022

QIC: Rusty

PAX (6): Devito, goat, Sprocket, The_OG Zima, TheBurn


The forecast called for rain, so the plan was for the PAX to do some kettlebell work with little running.  I changed that when the forecast was once again WRONG.


SSH x 10

Windmill x 10

Toy Soldier x 10

Imperial Walker x 10

The Thang:

Partner up.  Every has a kettlebell.

Knee Mercans – 2 sets – 12 reps per set

  • Partner A is on his knees and leans down to do a mercan, then pushes themself back up.  Partner B holds their ankles.  Then they switch

Reverse Leg Lifts – 3 sets – 20 reps per set

  • Partner A is on their back and holds the ankles of Partner B.  Partner A lifts their legs up at a 90 degree angle then Partner B pushes them back down.  Then they switch.

Plank Hold & Jump – 2 sets – 15 jump overs per set

  • Partner A gets in a low plank.  Partner B jumps over their ankles/feet, back-and-forth 15 times.  Then they switch.

Military Press w/2 kettlebells – 3 sets – first two sets are 12, last set is 10

  • Partner A has both kettlebells and lifts one at a time over their head while Partner B is in a mercan position half way down and is to “hold it” until Partner A completes their count.

Ladder – down from 10 all the way to 1 – all exercises w/KB

  • 10 Squat then Push-Out
  • 10 V-ups
  • 9 Squat then Push-Out
  • 9 V-ups and so on…

Karoake around the parking lot until the 6 is in

Next round

  • 10 Clean and Press
  • 10 Lunges (single count)
  • 9 Clean and Press
  • 9 Lunges (single count) and so on…

Karoake around the parking lot until the 6 is in

30-60-90 leg lifts

PAX is to hold their KB up above their chest.  I will call either “30”, “60”, or “90” and they will move both legs in that direction (30 is like 6 inches for example).  We did this until we hit time!


Prayers for Sprocket’s parents as they are getting up in age and the family is working to find a solution that works for all.  Prayers for the Burn as they are a big proposal at work today that will be presented.  Prayers for our family, who lost our 18-year old Jack Russell “Floyd” on Easter.  It was heartbreaking for all of us, especially the kids.

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