The David Lee Roth Van Halen, NOT that Sammy Hagar fluff

AO: Big Creek

When: 04/13/2022

QIC: Valley Girl

PAX (16): 5-Way, Baskins, Benny, cingular, Crab Cake, Dumpster, emeril, Inseam, Mr. Hand, SaaSy MoM, Schneider, Snowman, Spit Valve, Swiper, Valley Girl, Whiz


Man it’s nice to get out there in shorts and Tshirt in balmy 60 degree weather!  Another great showing at Big Creek with 16 PAX ready to make themselves better.


Mosey over to the regular intersection for SSH, WP, WMH, Hillbillies, Moroccan Night Clubs
Finished warm-o-rama with a CircleBurp – Everyone did SSH as we went around the circle calling down for a burpee.  16 PAX  – good way to get warmed up

The Thang:

Mosey up to the main Soccer pavilion and first field for a variety of full body exercises, all with a playlist of classic AC/DC and Van Halen.  Mostly Bon Scott and David Lee Roth.

Main Soccer pavilion THANG 1
Partner up – DORA Run to sidewalk and back Dips to 150
Partner – Reps/AMRAP Step ups-Alpha Derkins 10 reps to 100
Partner – Reps/AMRAP Donkey Kicks Bobby Hurleys – 10 reps to 100
Partner – Reps/AMRAP BTTW Squats 10 reps to 100
Soccer Field THANG 2
Lunge walk 15 steps 15 BBSU
Lunge Walk back 15 Reverse LBC
Lunge walk 15 steps 15 WWII
Lunge walk back 20 Flutter Alpha
Merkin Ladder Run to midfield 10 Merkins
Return 9 Merkins…etc

Almost completed the ladder and had to mosey back to the flag


Prayers out to Benny’s extended family

More great discussion about the great, giving life that ReadyMix lived.  Strong prayers out for his family.  Ways to help the family.

Crabcake discussed our upcoming date with the Bald Ridge foster program and how we will partner with them to build up the teenage boys living there.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

16 PAX is very inspiring, and it’s amplified by continued discussion about F3 and how much we can offer in situations such as ReadyMix and his family.    Proud and humbled to be part of this amazing group of men.

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