If you love your arms feeling like Campbell noodles this BD was for you

AO: Starting Line

When: 04/13/2022

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (3): Janeway, Sirmixalot


As I looked at the calendar and the day of my latest Q was approaching, I stumbled upon a new variant to my favorite exercise that was simple to do but would lead to some grumbling and mumbling from the PAX, and then I followed another rabbit trail or 2 to get a few more ideas from the Exicon, ahh the Exicon a gift that truly keeps giving.  So with my new found burpee variant and an idea to make it even more fun I introduced the PAX to the Contra burpee and a Contra Jump Squat burpee variant, oh but that was not the end.  I noted that with our interest in planking had increased so I wanted to add a new twist so my third add was the Bear hold.  I will explain more in the Thangs to come, but with the wheels turning and the fact I got there early to get everything finalized, it was time to settle in and wait for the PAX to roll in…. ok with only 3 total PAX that arrived and Sir Mixalot running late due to the need to have coffee for the morning, a great reason to be late, if ever there was one, we got to have the java. It was more like letting the PAX slowly trickle in.
When the clock struck 530 it was time for Janeway and I to start the mosey


We took a bit of a longer mosey to give time for the rest of the PAX, ok just Sir Mixalot, to arrive.
Weed Pickers
Moracin Night clubs
Michael Phelps OYO
With that done we moseyed back to the flag to pick up Sir Mixalot and then head back to the Spot(trademark pending)

The Thang:

I mentioned a new burpee variant(s) the night before which may have caused a dip in the PAX count, but I do have a reputation to uphold, so they should know that burpees are on the menu when it comes to a SK BD
7 Contra Burpees
Burpees with increasing number of merkins.
7 Contra Jump Squat Burpees
Same as above only do 1 merkin than do jump squats at the end and increase number of jump squats

10 V-up/Y-ups
Take a long mosey around the walking track

Round 2
10 Flapjacks/Around the worlds
15 Bonnie Blairs(Alpha count)
20 Rocking horses
Bernie Sanders to the cut across for the short loop then sprint to the other side, Bernie Sanders back to the Spot (Trademark pending)
Complete that 2 Times

Tabata time
*Bear hold for 50 seconds
Rest 5 Seconds
Left Side plank 50 seconds
Rest 5 seconds
Reverse Plank 50 Seconds
Rest 5 seconds
Right Side plank 50 seconds
*Bear Hole- Its is the bear crawl position, but don’t move. 4 points of contact, hands and toes. Knees should be slightly off the ground
Also in true SK form I told them we would do 45 second holds then added 5 seconds to the time, and I love to push the PAX <insert evil laugh here>

Lazy DORAs
Modified Due to time
PAX 1 held plank then PAX2/3 did 10 merkins
PAX1 did 20 Squats while PAX2 and 3 air chair, all 3 PAX did 20 squats
PAX1 did 25 LBCs while PAX2 and 3 held legs 45 degrees off the ground, all 3 PAX did 25 LBCs while the others held legs off the ground.

And with that the time was up, and I think I heard a sigh of relief from the PAX


Count and nameorama done, in Spanish even, impressive until you realize there were only 3 HIM there

Pray requests
For Sir Mixalot and help him have wisdom and clarity in what the future holds and how to best lead his family and peace for the family.

Acceleration Point from Sir Mixalot
“God did not become human and dwell among us as Jesus to save only an improved, doesn’t-make-the-wrong-choices kind of people.  There is no improved version of humanity that could have done any differently.  Because we, as we are and not as some improved version of ourselves…we are who Jesus FOR SURE looks at (in all our cringe-worthiness) and say “yep, these are mine.”
Great point God loves us for who we are not who we strive to be, there is nothing that we can do to make Him love us more or make Him love us less.
And for that reason we should strive to be the best we can be knowing that Jesus accepts us where we are but encourages use to grow from that starting point.

NLB next Saturday
Another opportunity to serve coming up as well, as info becomes available we will share

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Time to partake of the Java!!

Briefly mentioned a phrase that basically stated that we should not use the weekend to escape the events of the week  but we should use the weekend to prepare for the life we want

Discussed the events of the week and a bit of what happened to our F3 Brother Ready-Mix and how we are not promised tomorrow and should strive to make the most of today.  Also it was very telling about his legacy that 102 F3 HIM showed up to honor him.

From there it was time to head out and start the day.

As always honored to lead these men and I am encouraged/blessed every time I get a chance to be around them as the Q or as one of the PAX.

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