Devito’s long lost friend

AO: Academy

When: 04/12/2022

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (6): Caffey, Cookie, Devito, Mayhem, Long Shanks


Spring Break is over.


Time to get back at it with this thing called F3.


So YHC purposefully took the Q, at quite possibly the baddest AO in town, just to force himself to get back at it full speed!


Yeah, some of us may have worked out while on break on our own or with our 2.0’s….but it isn’t the same as being in the gloom with your brothers – shoulder to shoulder, elbow to elbow, tit to tit. Just kidding, know Bangkok Burpees today 🙂





The Thang:

Started with a light mosey, for this bunch, around the parking lot then straight to the south end of the Academy track being sure to keep an eye out for a certain visitor YHC saw while pulling in this morning. Then the pax found out it was Devito’s long lost friend.


Burpee Mile x25 Burpees each lap…YHC let the pax split the burpees up with 10 at one turn and 15 at the other. Or 12.5 at each if you’re Cookie 🙂


Straight to the parking garage near the vet for some 11’s at the stairwell. Donkey Kick’s at bottom and Mike Tyson’s at the top. This one was a doozy…..Devito & Cookie pushed the pace!

Back to the track to run around in circles more.


Dirty MacDeuce: (all IC unless stated)

  • Merkin x12 / American Hammers x12 / Monkey Humpers x12 – Lap
  • Shoulder Taps x12 / Supermans x12 / Lunges x12 – Lap
  • Carolina Dry Docks x12 / Flutters x12 / Squats x12 – Lap
  • Diamond Merkins x12 / LBC x12 / Bonnie Blairs x12 (OYO, single count) – Lap


Back to flag right on the nose of 6:15 am!


  • The pax talked a bit about Ready Mix and the impact he had on so many. Wonderful stories told at yesterday’s BD at the Hooch and be sure to check out the BB tribute to Ready Mix!!


  • Caffey added a word about being a Follower of Christ and not just an Admirer. A true follower requires action and we can all do more in our lives to impact others…..just like Ready Mix modeled to us all.


  • We also welcomed Long Shanks from The Fort in SC who will be moving here in a just a few months. He’s a 9 year veteran of F3 and YHC has heard from Bing down in F3 Suncoast that Long Shanks knows how to put together a BD and punish the pax!!


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