Staycation Beatdown

AO: Badapple

When: 04/04/2022

QIC: TheBurn

PAX (2): Sprocket, TheBurn


Gotta put in the work, even on Spring Break. The always reliable Sprocket finally quit drinking beer on the beach and drove back to workout with YHC.




Toy Soldiers


Standing Quad Stretch (Sprocket Pro Tip: Close your eyes for an extra challenge)

Michael Phelps

Sun Gods

Overhead Tricep Stretch

The Thang:

Bathroom Station: (5 Mins)

Partner 1: Abyss Merkins (15 reps – place hands on 2 cinders stood vertically, go slow, get full depth, focus on form)

Partner 2: LBC’s until Partner 1 completes set, Flapjack.

Rinse & Repeat


Bleacher Station: (10 Mins)

Hyper (Back) Extensions (pause at top) w/Cinders optional – (x10)

  • Note: If using cinders for Hyperextensions, it is good to do a warm up set w/out the weight first

Bench Squats w/Cinders (x15)

Bench Dips (x25) 

Rinse & Repeat


Pullup Bars: (10 Mins)

Pullups/Hanging Leg Extensions (x10) 

  • (Each exercise counts as a rep so if you did 4 Pullups, you do 6 Hanging Leg Extensions. Or 3 Pullups and 7 Hanging Leg Extensions, etc)  

Overhead Press w/Cinder (x12)

Lunges w/Cinder (x12 – single count)

Rinse & Repeat


In The Grass: (15 Mins)

Partner 1: IDK’s (Shrugs w/Dbl Cinders) (x20)

Partner 2: LBC’s + Alternating Planks in later sets (rep until Partner 1 completes set), Flapjack

Rinse & Repeat


Partner 1: Renegade Merkins w/Cinders (x10) (Merkin holding center web of each Cinder, alternate rows with each Merkin)

Partner 2: Alternating Planks + Hip Flexor Rotations in later sets (alternate sides each set) (rep until Partner 1 completes set), Flapjack

Rinse & Repeat


Partner 1: Upright Rows w/Cinder (x20)

Partner 2: Hip Flexor Rotations (alternate sides each set) (rep until Partner 1 completes set), Flapjack

Rinse & Repeat


Mosey back to the flag, arrive at 6:14 and some change. Cranked out some Merkins until the 6:15 alarm hit. 


Prayers for The Real Woody’s brother and Stepmom.

Prayers for Sprocket’s Dad who is battling health issues and strength and grace for his brother who is in TX and closer for support. 

Prayers for all of the families of the BA men. 

Prayers for all of us PAX to lead ourselves, our families, and our communities. 

Gratitude for another day and the ability to work in the Gloom.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Spring Break numbers are low – might be a good opportunity for a mini-convergence with another AO

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