Swiper can’t swipe when he’s laid out on the bathroom floor

AO: The Storm

When: 04/02/2022

QIC: Valley Girl

PAX (5): Ace Ventura, Crab Cake, Dunshire, Sculley, Valley Girl


The night before you could feel the excitement in Swiper‘s words, so excited about the pre-run and the ruck that he was going to Q in the morning.  Ace Ventura waited at 6:30 for his pre run partner. Nope. We waited at 7:00 for our honorable Q to show up and lead us. Nope.
Not like Swiper to fart sack! Well it turns out the poor guy ate a little something that didn’t agree with him, and slept through his alarm on the cold tile of his master bathroom floor. Get better buddy.


I took the Q and this day we were covering “Targeting” from the Q source. Good discussion around getting those sad clowns or survivors we know who need this and getting them to take that step!

Did some copperhead squats, WMH, hillbillies, and weedpickers. Off to the green way

The Thang:


The greenway is  open now, at least for a few miles, so we went out until about 7:40, just past the Storm Shaft (see Big Creek shaft) and made a u-turn. QIC slightly misjudged, and we got to the flag at 8:03. Dang it!


Strength for Scully’s family

for Dunshires daughter upcoming surgery.

Continued good health for Ace’s wife


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Food poisoning is not fun, so thoughts out to Swiper and I went ahead and plugged him into next Saturday’s Q so I’m sure he’ll bring that same excitement.

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