When 2 Pax are left alone… they experiment

AO: Badapple

When: 04/01/2022

QIC: TheBurn

PAX (2): The Real Woody, TheBurn


Friday going into Spring Break – lots of travel, fartsacking, and early meetings. QIC is all alone, then Woody comes through and rolls in just in time to get at it! We are gonna try a few new things this morning and focus on getting our bodies ready to peacock around on spring break.



Toy Soldier


Copperhead Squats

Quad Stretch

Calf Stretch (using truck bumper)

Michael Phelps

Sun Gods


Air Squats

The Thang:

Hanging Inverted Rows x 10 + Weighted Squats x 10,  (3 sets)

  • Partner 1 hangs from the pullup bar with legs on the shoulders of Partner 2 who is positioned a body length away from bar. Partner 1 reps out 10 inverted rows by pulling their chest back to the bar, then Partner 2 reps out 10 squats while still holding Partner 1’s legs on his shoulders, then flapjack
  • Legs can be spread to each shoulder or crossed like a gentleman on a single shoulder, then alternate shoulders each set. 


Mosey to Decline Ab Station:

Decline Cinder Press + Upright Cinder Rows (4 Sets)

  • Partner 1 – Decline Cinder Press (for lower chest workout)
    • Rep Count: x20, x50, x100, x100
  • Partner 2 – Upright Rows w/Cinder until Partner 1 completes their set, then flapjack


Mosey Back to PullUp Bars:

Pullups + Merkins (4 Sets)

  • Partner 1 – Pullups x 5-10 + Merkins x 10
  • Partner 2 – Dbl Cinder Shrugs until Partner 1 completes the set, then flapjack


Chain Snake:

  • Set lights (or cones) 25 yds apart
  • Partner 1 – backpedal while swinging tow chain side to side working core/legs roughly 25yds out and back. 
  • Partner 2 – rep out Merkins (20 reps with the timing) until Partner 1 returns, then flapjack (2 Sets)


Mosey back to flag:

Merkins x10 got us to 100 reps and took us right to 6:15am


Woody’s brother Drew and stepmother Kimberly

Safe Travels for our families and protection for children on Spring Break

Help us grow to lead ourselves and our families

Hidden battles of the Pax and people we care about

Gratitude to have another day and the ability to push ourselves in the Gloom

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