The Tower of Terror is Born

AO: Scorch Trials

When: 04/01/2022

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (5): Callahan, Chapter 11, DIY, Ha-ha, Scar


New monthly challenge. It had to be done.


None. Get there a little early and stretch if needed and look at the map.

The Thang:

Simple enough. At 0530 we go for 45 minutes. Run the loop to the parking deck entrance. At the entrance is station 1 for 5 Burpees, 10 Merkins and 15 Squats. Run up the steps to floor 2, run across the floor to the other set of stairs for station 2 (same as above). Up the stairs to floor 3, across floor 3 to the first stairway for station 3, same exercises as above. Repeat until you reach the top, floor 5 where you again run across the floor to the first stairway for station 5 exercises and descend the stairs to the street. Run back to the start on S Main St.  Lap one done.  Repeat for 45 minutes.

Amazing how running can provide a rest from the stairs and exercise!

After 45 minutes we collected at the start/finish line for COT.



  • Convergence 5/7 at the Norseman
  • Blood Drive next week
  • Cross Ruck on Good Friday 0500 4/15


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