Trot with Gimpy

AO: Academy

When: 03/22/2022

QIC: Devito

PAX (5): Devito, Hollywood, Mayhem, MillerTime, Turbine


YHC was just coming off rehab for another partial year to the calf muscle … hence the title.


OYO pre-0515

The Thang:

We started with a mosey around to the far corner of the track where we set up for an escalator. 5 burpees, 10 lunges, 15 mercans and 20 squats. Run a lap around the track between each round. 1st round is burpees, then 2nd round is burpees plus lunges, and so on. With all complete we ran over to the downtown Alpharetta square where we started our partner static holds sequence. 3 rounds for each partner for the below combos. We ran around to different areas around Alpharetta for each set.
– one partner air chair, one partner 10 burpees
– BTTW and 20 crunchy frogs
– hollow hold and 30 mercans
– wall sit and 40 flutter kicks
– plank and 50 squats

After wrapping up we headed back to the rock pile at the corner of the track for sets of curls, rows and shoulder presses. Run a lap between each round. 1st round sets of 20 reps, 2nd 15 and 3rd 10.

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