Single Count or Alpha Count??

AO: Rubicon

When: 03/24/2022

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (13): Cart Path, Cookie, Devito, Focker, Isner, Lefty, MillerTime, Morphine, Pinkey, Red Ryder, Waterboy (Nature Coast), Casket (NW Arkansas)


No Q signed up as of 5:30 pm on Wednesday and site Q needed someone to step up….YHC gladly raised his hand! Quiet group on the ole Slack machine yesterday so YHC hoping to wake some folks up and get things going right off the bat.


2 for a Pre-Run and 13 total gathered in the gloom at 5:30 for a good ole fashioned beatdown. Weather was brisk right at 48 degrees after yesterday saw temps in the low-mid 70’s. Disclaimer given and off we went.


Mosey towards the Children of the Corn while stopping along the way for 3 sets of 5 burpees.

At the Children: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Windmills (slow/steady), Walking Lunges on sidewalk heading back towards the Rubicon while mixing in some Arm Circles, Covids, OH Claps, Air Presses.

The Thang:

Made it to rock pile where each pax grabbed their favorites….except for Cart Path who went back for a second one halfway through.


*All of the following done OYO and then first pax back led Mary/Plank or whatever their heart desired until six made it in. YHC may have been unclear on whether single count or alpha count should be done on multiple exercises……but the pax put in the work nonetheless.

  • 100 SSH / Run
  • 90 Mtn. Climbers / Run
  • 80 Shoulder Taps / Run
  • 70 Flutters / Run
  • 60 Curls / Run
  • 50 OH Press / Run
  • 40 American Hammers / Run
  • 30 Thrusters / 20 Lunges / Run
  • 10 Rockees/Man-Makers….deposit rocks and quickly to wall for last lil bit!!


Donkey Dan’s….just for Cart Path who loves them so!

1 Merkin/3 Donkey Kicks….made it to 5/15 and then back to the flag with the Q only going over by one minute 🙂



  • Devito’s M dealing with some shoulder issues that are severely getting in the way of cross-fit.
  • YHC’s M having some job issues/stress which obviously come home and affect home life.


  • Blood Drive officially next Thursday, 3/31 but also opportunity to give tomorrow – check 3rd F channel for details.
  • F3 Growruck in Cherokee – September 9-11
  • Blue Ridge Relay also same weekend (9/9-9/10)

*No excuse for the pax of F3 Alpha NOT to be heavily involved in one of these CSAUPs.



Naked-Man Moleskin:

  • Honored to lead as always this great group of #HIM.
  • Wonderful having some DR pax with us from F3 Nature Coast (Waterboy) who is becoming a regular visitor as well as Casket from F3 Northwest Arkansas.
  • Solid TNT shared by Waterboy about moving from Iowa to Tampa and finding F3. Huge boost for his fitness, fellowship and faith….and making a difference with family and work life!
  • The pax really pushed the pace today and no man was left behind. Ran out of time at the end or would have went for 10 Merkins/30 Donkey Kicks…..there would have been some cursing going on for certain!!

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