Two Cinders are Better Than One

AO: Badapple

When: 03/23/2022

QIC: TheBurn

PAX (7): goat, Lefty, Rusty, Snax, Sprocket, The_OG Zima, TheBurn


1st day as new Site Q, honored to lead. Let’s set the tempo for what we will be known for @ the BA.

It was great to have YHC’s dawg @Lefty join us from Rubicon. It is a good example of how the PAX will always go out of their way to support another F3 brother.  Thankful for the numerous PAX who have stepped up to support YHC along the journey of acceleration. 

(2) PAX arrived at 0500 for a nice pre-ruck in the rain. (5) more rolled up at 0530 and we got started.



Toy Soldiers – with some mumble chatter about cadence and comparisons to @Woody which YHC assumes to be complimentary.

Copperhead Squats

Weed Pickers

Single Leg Quad Stretch

Sun Gods

Michael Phelps

The Thang:

Grab Cinders and trek to the lower playground which has apparently remained unmolested during the time of AO BadApple. 

Partner Up

Dbl Cinder Fun:

Partner 1 will do an exercise using both cinders while partner 2 does exercises w/out cinders around the perimeter of the Gazebo. Partner 2 does a single lap around the perimeter and they flapjack.

Partner 1: Abyss Derkins – Feet on bench, Hands on cinders stood vertically. Get extra deep on descent. Rep out while Partner 2 does a lap. Some PAX modified with cinder laid horizontal with feet on ground. 

Partner 2: Lunge Walk around perimeter

Flapjack, Repeato. 


Partner 1: Renegade Abyss Merkins – feet on ground, lay cinders horizontally with middle web up (make sure the fat part of the web is up). Place hands on middle web, get deep on descent, push up, perform single arm row, go down, go up, perform row w/other arm, repeat. 

Partner 2: Reverse Lunge Walk around perimeter

Flapjack, Repeato


Partner 1: IDK’s (Shrugs) with double cinders

Partner 2: Duck Walk perimeter (walking while maintaining a deep squat position – universally despised by all O-Linemen)

Flapjack, Repeato


Merry Go Derkin:

PAX place feet in the seats of the elevated Merry-Go-Round, Hands on Ground, QIC calls multiple lateral directions “Lt/Rt” where PAX move in unison with hand placement. Then “Down/Up” for full Derkin. 

2 Rounds – QIC made the mistake of having the PAX next to him call the 2nd round. Unfortunately that was @Goat who should never be allowed to call Merkin-related cadences. The wet woodchips did actually feel good on the side YHC’s face though.


The Little Engine That Could:

Grab cinders, head over to Zima’s Hill where some cones had been placed in a zig zag pattern up the lengthy asphalt hill. 

All PAX in a straight line with their Cinders on the ground at the bottom cone, move as a unit from cone to cone while pushing cinders and climbing the hill. 

We only got 1 rep in of this before it was time to head back to the flag. Will spend some more time on this one in the future.

Cinder Curls while we walked, Air Chair for the 6, made it back right at 6:15 for the COT.


Prayers for our families, men fighting hidden battles, and gratitude for the ability to join one another in the gloom.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Athletes around the world are shaped by the land in which they live and train. Think Kenyan sprinters or Rocky training on the tundra. For BadApple, that means we love hills, pullups, trails, etc. The PAX was challenged to always push each other and embrace the mental toughness component of never leaning over when tired. 3S2T.

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