Minus the burpees, the running and the rain it was Great!

AO: Starting Line

When: 03/23/2022

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (5): Janeway, Script Kiddie, Sirmixalot, who, Dunshire


This BD was in my mind since last summer when Bloodhound visited Firehouse AO and introduced everyone to a simple but very effective BD that involved 2 things running and burpees, which are 2 things I enjoy.
I got information from our resident weather person, Janeway that it would be another rainy morning ITG, and I was tired of pavilion work, so rain or shine this BD was going to happen so yes it was raining and yes I did go ahead with my plan, rain just added to the fun.
I got there a bit early, no pre-run, so I could make sure that the lamp posts that I planned on using were working, and they were.
All the plans were set, it was just time to wait for the PAX to start rolling in, to enjoy what I had planned.
Janeway, who and Dunshire arrived and then it was time to mosey


Copperhead squats were done
We then noted sirmixalot had arrived so we went back and picked him up and then it was time for the festivities to begin

The Thang:

The Thang
Run + Burpees + Suckfest + Rain = BeatDown  was the equation for the morning
To break that down a bit more
Start at the lightpost at the top of the hill, closest to the middle school do one burpee,
run to next lightpost 2 burpees then back to start,
Run to the 3rd lightpost do 3 burpees, then back to the start
Continue till you get to the 7th, each time increasing the burpee count by one and going to the next farthest lamppost
After going back to the start, again
The 8th lamppost was up the stairs to the Farmers market and back to the start
On to 9th and 10th lampposts retuning to the start and increasing the burpee count by one
At this point time was running low so there was one lamppost at the bottom of the stairs we used to end at 11, so 66 burpees total with a lot of running along the way
Janeway clocked 3.3 miles on his watch, for total milage during the BD, not bad!!

This one was simple but brutal and the rain added to it, but everyone did a great job and did not quiet, and I know they are looking forward to the next time I pull this one out to share with the rest of the PAX, maybe next time I will do it on a Saturday, so we get a full hour of “enjoyment” out of it.


NLB Beatdown
7K race date
Komrad’s VQ coming up Saturday

Prayer Request
Continued prayer for Sir Mixalot and his family as they continue to adjust to life after the loss of his FIL and having his MIL as part of the household
Dunshire’s daughter Amery, for upcoming surgery
Also a quick praise report from Janeway for losing 25 pounds in the last 2 months

Acceleration point was shared by Dunshire
He mentioned the flywheel effect that when something large gets moving, it will move slowly, but will start speeding up, just like in life as we take the first step, with F3, or other areas of your life, we start off slow but will get better/pick up steam and begin to move farther and faster, then we could ever imagine, we simply need to start, and then stick with it.  Great AC!

Ending with the Ball o’ Man


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Coffeeteria was filled with how the phrases and description of things have changed over the years and catching up with Dunshire, which I have missed having him at Starting Line and was glad he made it to SL this morning.
We also got to enjoy some coffee creamer supplied by Who?, thank you sir!  And when we finally had a break in the rain we all headed out for the day,
Another great morning ITG and these HIM really pushed themselves to get better, and never quit, although, I am sure, at one or 2 points the thought(s) of inflecting pain on the QIC helped fuel them to complete the BD, lol.

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