Not Half @#%!

AO: The Gladiator

When: 03/17/2022

QIC: Spandex

PAX (16): Cheneral, Iron Head, Raspberry Pi, Bo Knows, Black Box, Fire Drill, Speedo, Delicious, Scratch Off, Scar, Moonshine, Hitchcock, Dreamer, Brownie, DC2, Spandex


It was 50 and gloomy this morning.  Great weather for a beatdown!  I arrived a few minutes early to position the big jugs where they needed to be.  No FNGs this morning so I gave a very lame disclaimer and then we were off for a short mosey towards the front of the park.


We circled up and did 15 SSHs and 15 mountain climbers.  Bo Knows and Hitchcock must have warmed up on the way because they about missed the warm-up.

The Thang:

Big Jugs:  4 Big Jugs were in position and the PAX were divided in two.  At least we thought we were divided in two.  Apparently, we can’t count or divide.  Anyway, 11s were in store including 1 burpee at the top of the hill and 10 big boy sit-ups at the bottom of the hill.  Repeat until you’ve completed 10 burpees at the top of the hill and 1 big boy sit-up at the bottom of the hill. During the 11s, each PAX was required to farmer carry two jugs up and down the hill twice.  We didn’t quite get that part right either.  Hopefully, most of us were able to get our hands on those big jugs twice!

After the PAX completed 11s, we were tasked with getting those big jugs back to the flags.  The PAX took turns carrying the big jugs for 20 steps and then switch off.  Meanwhile, all the others were lunge walking until it was their turn to carry the jugs.  We ditched the jugs at the flags and moseyed to the back hill of the park near the tennis courts.

Each PAX chose a coupon from the rock pile and the next movement was prescribed.  25 thrusters at the bottom of the hill, run to the second street lamp and perform 5 mercans, run back down.  Rinse and repeat for 4 sets.  During the first set of thrusters, Brownie took over as CoQ and called out the proper form.  I’m sure DC2 was caught off guard a little bit here.  Brownie made sure that we were all using our legs and NOT TO DO THESE HALF-ASS.  The PAX responded well to this and suggested going with FULL-ASS!  Yes, we’ve all got to use our full ass on these!  Damn, that’s my new motto!

The next set was the same as the first except bent over rows.  Only the speedy ones made it to this set.  We all ran one last hill repeat and then ditched the coupons and moseyed back to the flag.

A brief Mary event took place and then we were done.



  1. Let’s all join in to help with the No Longer Bound BD and dinner this Saturday.
  2. Happy Birthday to DC2’s daughter!
  3. Pray that Scratch Off’s rhinoplasty goes well.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thank you for letting me lead this morning!  It’s always a pleasure!

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