Skols Speed Camp

AO: Galaxy

When: 03/03/2022

QIC: Skol

PAX (16): Abacus (Mark Green), Blue, Bottlecap, Compost, DIGIT, Fondue Guy, Jorts, LiMu, Percy, Sparty, Spring Break, Steamer, Sticks, Tweaker, Wideright


I am not a professional. Modify as necessary. East Cobb Park, F3, and myself are not liable for any injuries.


Dynamic Warm-up

  • High Knees
  • Marios
  • Butt kickers
  • Abe pagotas
  • weed pickers
  • hamstring stretch
  • quad stretch

The Thang:


  • Pop Squats
  • spilt squat jumps
  • tuck jumps
  • skaters
  • burpees

Other partner runs as other does plyo exercises

Come back together for Strength round

  • Goblet squats
  • lunges
  • RDLs
  • LBCs
  • WWIIs


  • 11’s on the steep hill
  • Burpees and jumps squats


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