311’s got the boom, y’all

AO: Windjammer

When: 03/11/2022

QIC: Townie

PAX (11): Cookie, Cox, Dipstick, Funyun, Milli Vanilli, NRA, Stiff Arm, Stu, Townie, uga, Walkie Talkie


March 11.  Somewhat near YHC’s 2 year anniversary of joining F3.  Also the date 3/11.  For some other 80’s/90’s kids out there, 311 played a huge part of my teenage years.  A nice trip down memory lane on 3-11 day with hits from Grassroots, Music, Transistor, and more…


Typical Warm-o-rama for the crew.  Mosey to the dam followed by some SSH, Imperial Walkers, Weed Pickers, Arm Circles and some Covids.  Mosey back.

The Thang:

Before the Windjammer was official, Cookie EH’d YHC to start working out with him in the WLC parking lot.  Many of those early 1-2-3 PAX beatdowns consisted of 11 drills and the deck of death.  So, we took a trip back in time with some modifications for 311 day.

11 Mercans, run up the hill, 3 big boys

11 Mercans, run up the hill, 4 big boys…

All the way until we hit 11 Mercans and 11 big boys.  You get the drill.

Then we busted out the deck of death (f3 workout deck of cards) mixed in some laps around the parking lot and goodtimes were had by all.

Overheard from our “veteran PAX”, Stu….”I’ve never heard of this group before, but I like the music”.  Glad we could introduce someone new to a band that peaked in the mid-late 90’s!  Check out Grassroots and Transistor for more goodtimes (my 2 personal favorite albums but are very different from one another)


Blood Drive coming up.  During Spring Break, but there’s a March date too.  Get with Dipstick for more.

Silent prayers for Walkie-Talkie who pushed thru a tough morning.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I shared a bit of an impromptu TNT around my last 2 years journey since joining F3.  Not only has this group of men made me better physically (my weight loss goal to get under 200 Lbs continues.  50 Lbs down, about 10-12 (depending on the beers) to go!), but just a better person in general.

I’ve taken lessons learned from Q’ing beatdowns to help me lead my team at work, captain my tennis team, and coach a group of rowdy 6 year olds in baseball.

What I appreciate the most, however, is the fellowship.  I truly look forward to seeing these guys, cutting up, and even Milli Vanilli’s well placed gloom booms at 5:30am.  Rain, darkness, lightning, sub-freezing temps, hot or humid – it never matters. Who else can say that?

Thank you for coming out and continuing to push me, gents!

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