Q Knows Best

AO: Jailbreak

When: 03/10/2022

QIC: Inseam

PAX (10): Ansel Adams, Chinstrap, Crab Cake, déjà vu, emeril, Hushpuppy, Inseam, Mr. Hand, Schneider, Whiz


Clock strikes 5:29. We have a nice group. First double digit showing. Q pulls up route nav on his Garmin watch. Tells Emeril we’re running Pine Lake. Emeril over excites himself.

Q – “Lets go”.
Wary pax – “Swiper said he’s coming should we loop around.”

Q, “nope. It’s 5:30.”


Q, “It would be disrespectful to you guys. Plus we have a tight schedule”

Pax all agree and continue to follow the Qs lead up Tribble Gap.


Run the slight incline up Tribble Gap

The Thang:

Left on Elm. Right on Hwy20. Let the climb begin.

Pass Pine Lake Drive. Chaos in the rear. It seems Emeril is being quite vocal about something. Word makes it up to the Q, “that’s pine lake back there”. Q responds, “excellent observation, and this is YHC Qing up here”. We all continued up (hill) 20.

HP – “where we going”. YHC responds telling him it’s way in up(hill) and we’ll turn left at Papa Johns.

Run for a bit. Fun fact, Ansel and others think those lights look like runners. They are not. Run for a bit. Pass the Bob Marley shop. Left at Papa onto Greenwood Acres.

Ansel is very excited! Another new route! But wait what’s that?? More chaos from the back. Emeril again? Yep…”this route is going to kill us. The Q is trash…..”  <100 curse words later>…  We made it to the next turn very quickly, all pax had a great time on that short and safe stretch, aaaand left on Temberlane Rd.

(okay my fingers are tired, let’s speed the BB up. )

lots of hills. Total silence. Serene even. Nice little run down the lake. Left on Pine Lake Dr.

Like a nightly lion letting his cub play and attack him until he tuckers himself out and decides to join the Alpha lion again in the mission, Emeril realized the error of his ways and the masterpiece of a route the mighty Q had planned. YHC ran alongside the erroneous Emeril and they had solid mumble chatter while taking in the lakeside views. So freaking nice.

Right on 20. Left on Church. 6:15:02 back at flag. Boom.

We shall call it Papa Pine route


Pax with new jobs. Pax with family they love. Pax with struggles. Pax with all three.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Emeril, YHC took zero offense this morning. I’m a lover of mumble chatter and that there was hilarious! Thanks for letting me make fun of you here and exploit you temporary lapse in judgement/weakness. 😉 I really appreciate your inspiration which led to this awesome new route.

Swiper never showed.

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