Oxbo loop

AO: Hogwallow

When: 03/10/2022

QIC: Catheter

PAX (15): aflac, Backside, Boomstick, Circus, Echo, goat, Juul, Meltdown, SCREECH, Squeegee, Swamp Donkey, Switch, Tater, Vanilla


PAX were hoping to see Gmonkey out to help him recover from the broken General cinder, but no sighting.


YHC forgot half the street names to describe the routes, so we just took off.

The Thang:

Route 1: https://onthegomap.com/s/5kge7fel

Route 2: https://onthegomap.com/s/cfamtntf


Kick-ass shirt purchase to support Ukraine: https://www.saintjavelin.com/


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