Who needs a weinke anyway

AO: The Hooch

When: 03/07/2022

QIC: Scrooge

PAX (14): Angus, BallBoy, Boomer, Jetson, Maguire, McCracken, Meatball, Popper, Popper, Ready-Mix (F3), Saint2O, Scrooge, Sneakers, Sugar, Sunshine


Been a while since the last Scrooge Q – which meant coupons were in order…  and a weinke.


14 Pax showed up in the gloom (albeit warm for March).  No FNGs, so quick and condensed disclaimer and we moseyed.  One lap around the PL and circled up for some quick warmup exercises:

15 Weed Pickers

15 Hillbillies

15 Moroccan Night Clubs

20 SSH’s

10 burpees


The Thang:

We moseyed to grab the coupons and head to the our starting point.  Time for some super-sized 4 corners.  Do the first exercise at Corner 1, mosey to Corner 2 and the second exercises and so on..

Round 1:

25 OH coupon Presses

25 Merkins

25 Squats

25 Jump Squats

After that, we moseyed out to the center of the PC for a few rounds of Scroogicides, with Blockees).  Start with 5 Blockees, run the first Suicide length, Bernie Sanders back.  5 more Blockees and off to the next line in the PL.  We did 5 lengths in total and collected the Six.


Grabbed the coupons and back to the 4 Corners.  Exercises were:

25 Diamond Merkins

25 Regular Merkins

25 Wide Merkins

25 Ranger Merkins

Collected the Six and back to the parking lot for more Scroogicides.  This time, it was just 50 Curls, run out 5 lines, Bernie back and bear crawl the last length.  We did this a couple times and also included some Coupon Dips on the curb.

I’m sure there were a few others in there, but that’s all YHC can remember this time of year.


Prayers for Ukraine, traveling PAX and upcoming fundraising events.

I don’t Q as much as I used to, but it’s always an honor.




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