Billy Madison

AO: Academy

When: 03/08/2022

QIC: Mayhem

PAX (6): Caffey, Devito, Lumbergh, Hoochie, Cookie, Mayhem


After several days of warmer weather, we arrived to cool and pleasant temps at the Academy.  YHC had given the heads up that today would be school themed (and handicap accessible for Lumbergh…though he still complained about not having preferred parking).  After a short and direct disclaimer we were off to school!



The Thang:

The first activity was the Billy Madison.  YHC had been eyeing this one for a while, and it did not disappoint.

Starting in “1st Grade”, PAX would complete an exercise (12 reps for 12 grades) and run a lap.  Congratulations, you made it through first grade, Billy’s dad would be proud! PAX were then encourages to stay in school, run another lap, then do the 1st grade exercises again plus 12 reps of a new exercise.  This continued all the way up to 12th grade, with Devito being our Valor Dictorian. The exercises were:

1st – Squats

2nd – Mountain Climbers (Alpha)

3rd – Merkins

4th – SSH

5th – LBCs

6th – Bonnie Blairs (Alpha)

7th – Plank Jacks

8th – American Hammers (Alpha)

9th – BURPEES!

10th – Hill Billies

11th – Diamond Merkins

12th – Star Jumps

After everyone graduated, YHC called for recess.  A quick Mosey over to the parking lot led us to the Merry-Go-Round.  PAX picked their position in a circle of heavy things (dumbells, ruck plates, sand bags, etc) and performed an exercise while one PAX ran a lap around the parking lot.  After every lap, we rotated. The highlight was watching all of us struggle with the jump rope.  Our days of Jump Rope for Heart appear to be a distant memory!

With one circuit complete, we had a just enough time for a quick Mary, then the bell rang.


-Cookie put it well this morning: with so much turmoil going on around the world (particularly in Ukraine), we are living in a season of blessing here in Alpharetta.  Many reasons to be grateful and humble for all that’s been provided to us.

-Prayers for my M’s Uncle who had major surgery this weekend for a quick recovery.  Similar prayers for healing for Lumbergh’s dad.

-Prayers of peace for Caffey’s M as she navigates her pregnancy.


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