Dia de Mucho

AO: Widowmaker

When: 03/05/2022


PAX (16): Cox, defcon2, Dinghy, Dipstick, Funyun, Ha-ha, Speedo, TURK, YouTube, Zohan, Chopper


Perfect weather for a full body workout at the Widowmaker. Great turnout including an FNG with Operation. Time for some full-body pain…


Started with a mosey to the top of the widowmaker for SSHs, copperhead squats, weed pickers, arm circles and few covids…then down the hill…

The Thang:

Dia de mucho began with a modified mucho chesto workout.

5, 10 then 15 of each – merkins, diamonds, wide, staggered left and staggered right. In between each set, bernie to the end of the guard rail and run back.

Next, back up the widowmaker with a mosey to the tennis courts (Q forgot how far apart those two spots were…)

Time for the mucho leg-o.

Two sets of 20 narrow squats, wide squats and and step-ups. Between each set, a little bear crawl across the parking lot.

For some added fun, a set of pickle pointers in honor of the new pickleball courts at the park.

Next, Pax moseyed to the concession stand to utilize the walls for the mucho core-o.

In groups of three, one pax did a chair sit while another did six inches until the third completed 25 LBCs. Rinse and repeat so each pax did each exercise three times.

Off to the soccer field to complete the beatdown with a few extra sprints….three total runs down the field stopping at each line for 5 reps. First time down – Bobby Hurleys in honor of Coach K, second time down – merkins, third time down – Big boys.

Lunge walk to the flag for some flutter kicks and few seconds of Mr. Wilson. Dia de mucho complete.


Blood drive on April 8. Check with Dipstick or the Slack channel for additional info.

Prayers for the people of Ukraine fighting for their safety and freedom.

Welcome to FNG Steve – now with the name Chopper!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Appreciate the great turnout and chance to lead. Hope everyone enjoyed the variety!

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