Did someone say Burpees and time to Sally forth along with other Thangs

AO: Starting Line

When: 03/02/2022

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (4): Janeway, Script Kiddie, Suarez, who


The night before there was some mumblechatter about the fact that burpees would be part of the BD, am I that predictable, and yes burpees were planned,  so after a few solid HCs from Janeway, Suarez and Who I was able to rest easy knowing that the turn out would be on par with recent Wednesday BDs., something with the warmer weather and a refocus on weasel shaking I am hoping will increase.
Pre-run change to a pre-ruck and me finalizing the plans for the Q to come.
Who Suarez and Janeway made their entrances and the clock struck 530 so time to mosey


Ran to the entrance closest to the racing hall of fame and gave the disclaimer and started the Warm Up
Imperial Walkers
Moroccan night clubs
Coperhead Squats were called
Now that we were all warmed up it was time to start the Thangs

The Thang:

Time for some music!
With a promise of burped and a desire not to disappoint expectations I decided to do Chumbawumba’s  Tubthumping song – you do SSHs till you hear the phrase “I get knocked down” and you drop and do a burpee every time, that worked out to about 27 burpees during the song…. Oh but I was not done with burpees yet, on to Thang2

I totally stole this one from Valley Girl, he used it at the last BD he Qed at Starting Line
Bernie Sanders to the speed bumps and each time you stopped at a speed bump you would do an LL Cool J – LL=Left leg lunge and Right leg lunge  Cool= a Burpee J=Jump squat, we did those till we made it to the other entrance, then bernie sanders back to the stairs, this time doing reverse lunges at each speed bump instead of a regular lunge,  to switch it up a bit, ok no more burpees after that

Time to Climb Everest, start at the bottom and every step you take you do 1 calf raise and 1 Squat till you get to a landing there you pay a toll by  doing 3 raven merkins (1 Wide merkin, 1 Diamond merkin, 1 Ranger merkin)keep going till you get to the top.
Suarez kept the PAX busy by doing leg raises while we waited for the 6, on to the next Thang

Time for another Song this time the song I picked was Moby – Flower  hold low plank position and every time you here ”Green Sally Up” do a merkin, it was a big hit,

So the plan for this one is the PAX pick the exercises first PAX picks an exercise and we do 3 reps, take a lap than the next PAX picks an exercise and then we do the first exercise, 3 reps and the 6 of the next exercises take another lap than the third PAX picks another exercises and we do 3 of first exercise 6 of the next and 9 of what the third PAX picks, so here is how that played out
Janeway was up first and he picked 4 count monkey humpers, in cadence
Took a long lap
SK, after being banned from adding in any more burpees picked clasped hands merkins 6 count
Long lap
Suarez picked 9 windshield wipers (in cadence)
Short lap, we were running low on time
Who picked Donkey kicks 12 with each leg and in cadence.

And with that, and a few minutes past 615 time was called


Count and nameorama was done

NLB date was changed to April 23rd and encouragement to come out and support NLB
The Alpha Dawson subregion is official with
Ace as the subregion Q
Script Kiddie as 1st F Q
Sir Mixalot as 2nf F Q
Janeway as weasel shaker
We are always looking for PAX to step up and lead and encourage anyone interested in leading as Site Q or any other role to let Ace, Sir Mixalot or myself know.

Pray request
Continued pray for Ukraine and the people effected by the events going on over there
Sir Mixalot’s Father-in-law unexpectedly passed away, so please be in prayer for him, his M and their family

Acceleration point
This one was a selfish one but due to recent events I have realized I had gotten complacent so I mentioned that as we stay were we are we could miss so many great thing, Complacency is the enemy of progress and you miss 100% of the shots/chances we do not take so be willing to step out of your comfort zone and see what you can do/accomplish.

Janeway asked to lead the prayer and closed out the BD.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Time for the Pic, which YHC almost forgot about, but thankfully we managed to catch Who before he headed out for the day and got the picture

Great coffee talk and we are working to get Janeway & Komrad on the Q sheet soon, also thanks to Suarez for grabbing a few Qs
We missed Sir Mixalot but know he is with family and are looking forward to having him back ITG when he can make it.

Alos hope to see othe PAX out to Starting Line as the weather warms up

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