Warrior Inspiration

AO: Badapple

When: 02/28/2022

QIC: TheBurn

PAX (9): Foley, goat, Outhouse, Rusty, Snax, Sprocket, The_OG Zima, TheBurn, Turbine


2nd Q – Do I have everything I need? 

Weinke – check (VQ Lesson: it is easier to read a note card during workout than fumble with a pic on phone)

Towel – check (to wipe off wet pullup bar bc the QIC is thoughtful)

Speaker – check

Cinders – check

Gloves – check

Pants – check


Pull out of driveway

Forgot the flag

Pull back into driveway, grab flag, roll out.




Toy Soldiers


Weed Pickers

Standing Quad Stretch (QIC noticed that many Pax are challenged with balance – note to incorporate single leg exercises in future workouts to help them)

Sumo Squat

Achilles/Calf Stretch on Curb

The Thang:

Bleacher Station: (2 Songs)

Hyper (Back) Extensions (pause at top) w/cinders optional – (x10), Bench Squats w/cinders (x15), Bench Dips (x20) 

Rinse & Repeat


Bathroom Station: (2 Songs)

LBC’s (20 reps), Slow Merkins (10 reps – full depth, focus on form) – Get 30 reps total (so if Merkins fall short of 10, add more LBC’s to get to 30)

Rinse & Repeat

Lose Weinke – oh well, time to keep truckin


Pullup Bars: (2 Songs)

Pullups (x2-5 reps w/good form),  Overhead Press w/cinder (x10), Lunges w/cinder (x12 single count)

Rinse & Repeat


Mosey via trail to OG Zima’s Hill for Ukrainian Warrior Sprints:

Burpees at bottom of hill (x3) and sprint off the ground full speed to top of the hill on last Burpee rep of each set. To be done with extreme enthusiasm inspired by the bravery of Ukraine’s citizens. Plank for the 6.

Two Pax were smoking everyone on this one – pretty sure it was Sprocket and Turbine but it was dark and all I could see were the back of their heads flying by. 

Rinse & Repeat (we got 4-5 in)


Indian Run:

Indian Run back on trail (vertical climb) to grab cinders from Pullup Station, meet at flag for quick Mary. 


Quick Mary:

Flutter kicks 



Prayers for Chalupa to continue healing, Outhouse’s ankle, for Foley to remember how old he is during Name-O-Rama (perhaps he was smoked from the BD administered by YHC??), for the brave Ukranians fighting for their families and freedom, for courage and preparedness for the Pax.


Naked-Man Moleskin:


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