Pass the Dutchie on the left hand side

AO: Boneyard

When: 02/28/2022

QIC: Zohan

PAX (6): Dinghy, HighChair, Morphine, Speedo, Stroller, Zohan


Run down the parking lot and circle up. YHC noticed Stroller was missing and was informed he hurt his back and so went for a walk. Weed Pickers, SSH and Copper Head Squats were done in cadence followed by a run back with our hands up to get them warmed up.

We picked up a single cinder along the way and deposited it at the Pavilion, then entered the soccer field.

The Thang:

Part 2:

Last week we hardly finished Part 1 of the 4-1-10 beatdown and YHC decided to continue with part 2. This one is 10-1-4. 10 reps of a given exercise, followed by a movement, done 4 times.

We started with 10 High Knees alpha count followed by a run to mid field. That’s 1 time. 10 more high knees there and return to starting line is 2. Rinse and Repeat and that’s the first round.

Second round – 10 American Hammers alpha count, followed by Crab Walk to a nearby line (~1/4 of the field). Come back and repeat.

The next rounds were all to that same line.

Third round – 10 Calf Raises and Broad Jumps. Forth – 10 Monkey Humpers and Duck Walk. Fifth – 10 Mountain Climbers alpha count and Bear Crawls.

Lots of grunts and other incomprehensible noises one can expect from a bunch of men who didn’t have their coffee yet.


Pass the Dutchie 

We went to the pavilion where the cinder was deposited and circled up. Rules are simple – one the call of Down we all do a Burpee. The person with the cinder does a Blockee and hands the cinder to his left. Dinghy correctly showed that it works better when the one with the cinder calls Down. The five of us went through 3 such rounds.

We then shifted to American Hammers. PAX with Cinder calls cadence and after the 1-2-3-4 hands the cinder. 3 more such rounds. Next we had Squats IC and because YHC can’t count, it seems, we did 4 rounds. We finished with 3 rounds of BBSU IC.


11s of Merkins

Speedo and YHC have a daily quota of Merkins to complete (Burpees count as well), and this week it’s 180. The purpose was to complete them all this morning. Diamond merkins on one end of the soccer field, Wide Merkins on the other side. A toll of 1 Kraken (Burpee with 3 hand release merkins) at the middle in direction. We did not have the time to finish and barely made it to the flag on time, leaving YHC with some homework that were completed while writing these lines.


Stroller joined us back.

Prayers of health for Dinghy’s friend, Speedo’s MIL and overall the situation in Ukraine.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Speedo agreed to take the leadership of the Johns Creek Sub Region. He promised to rule with an iron fist but will not raise taxes.

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