Scenic Lollipop

AO: Hogwallow

When: 02/24/2022

QIC: Bear

PAX (16): aflac, Backside, Bear, Boomstick, Catheter, Circus, Deadbeat, Doogie, Foley, goat, Juul, Meltdown, SCREECH, Squeegee, Tater, Vanilla


I’m addicted to running but I swear it’s a healthy level of addiction. Felt nice and warm this morning!


some stretching / misc. nothing official

The Thang:

ran canton, mimosa, lollipop in spring st neighborhood and back down mimosa / canton st.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

so awesome to see so many guys out there running and waking people up with our loud banter! Wake the hell up and get out side and do something you lazy bums!! It’ll change your life!

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