Beat the Rain

AO: The Hooch

When: 02/23/2022

QIC: Saint2O

PAX (13): Angus, Animal, BallBoy, Boomer, Decaff, Jetson, McCracken, Moana, Popper, Ready-Mix (F3), Saint2O, Splinter, Sunshine


After a pre run warmup for a few of us, we gathered for an old-fashioned beatdown before the rain started.


Quick lap around half the parking lot, and then some SSH, WP, IW.

The Thang:

Mosey to the wall near the shops for some 11’s of two types: Derkins and Dips followed by Step Ups and Squats.

Mosey across the street (safely) and then over to the sidewalk beside the school for 5 burpees at every other light pole until we cross the bridge.

Then alternating bear crawls and lunge walks between light poles until we turn the final turn.

Then a descending ladder of merkins and big boy situps, starting at 10 of each and going down by 1 at each light pole. That got us pretty close to the end of the sidewalk.

Then we moseyed back a bit in the direction of the flag and stopped at a hill by the wall. Partner up for two sets of wall sits and 20 monkey humpers each. We got some strange looks from the runners that came by during the monkey humpers (can’t imagine why, though).

Next a double indian run back towards the flag. Then regular run once we got to the road and head back to the flag (safely).


Circle up for 6 Minutes of Mary. We did some stuff, ending with a ring of fire of merkins up to 100. Great job!


Reminder about the Climb-Kili finale run this Saturday.

Prayers for safe travels, healing, and peace.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Honored to lead today, great to see these men out.

Also a nice coffeeteria at SB afterwards, it’s nice to be able to sit down inside, for sure.


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