Listen to the Q?!?

AO: Big Creek

When: 02/23/2022

QIC: Dumpster

PAX (9): Baskins, CATFISH, Crab Cake, Dumpster, déjà vu, Inseam, Napalm, Snowman, Swiper


62 degrees in the gloom!  Pax were ready to go.  But some Pax must have had wax in their ears.


Mossy to the bottom of the hill:

Weed Pickers

Imperial Walkers



The Thang:

YHC said VERY clearly, more than once,  do NOT pick a large coupon.  Lot of mumblechatter eying the stack of coupons, some listened, some didn’t.  Once YHC said, OK, lets mossy up the massive 1/4 mile hill, the PAX with the boulders knew they chose incorrectly.

Mossy with coupons: 25 step ups with coupon over head / 25 dips with coupon on stomach.

Mossy down the field with coupon for a little 1/4 pounder – 3 burpees with coupon jumps each round.

  • 25 yard line – 25 curls
  • 50 yard line – 50 deep squats with coupon
  • 75 yard line* – 75 American Hammers with coupon
  • 100 yard line* – 100 flutter kicks while pressing coupon

Since some PAX didn’t listen to the Q, this took a little longer than attended.  After 1/4 pounder we deposited the coupons back to their home.  YHC punished the PAX since some listen as well as my kids.

Punishment – Run up massive 1/4 mile hill – 10 burpees – down hill – 10 burpees.

Indian Run back to flag for some SSH in cadence.  Count to 5 then silent count to 10 – in cadence.  Shockingly we all were together after the silent count, but Inseam, being Inseam, went out of order.  So 10 more burpees it was!


Prayers to Evelyn and her son, Swipers father, and the PAX who are recovering from injury.

Jailbreak Thursday.

F3 convergence with Climb Kili Saturday in Johns Creek.

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