Presidential Coupons

AO: Halo

When: 02/21/2022

QIC: Jorts

PAX (10): DIY, Forrest, Percy, Skol, Sparky, Spring Break, Steamer, Wake Sport, Wideright


YHC tried to come up with a presidential themed BD, but creative juices were not flowing so just defaulted to bringing out some coupons…

Continued strong numbers for our East Cobb pre-rucks, with 6 pax for a 2+ mile pre-ruck.  Word of caution, the trees along Johnson Ferry can be dangerous…


Start fast with a mosey lap around the parking lot

All in cadence x 10:

  • SSH
  • Bear hugs
  • Don quixote
  • Weed pickers
  • Skol claps
  • Lunges

The Thang:

Mosey to the traffic circle with the coupons

Set up with 5 coupons around the circle

  1. 60 lb sandbag – Squats
  2. 40 lb sandbag – Lunges
  3. 25 lb Slamball – Overhead throws
  4. slosh pipe – thrusters
  5. 35 lb kettlebell – swings

Alternating with each coupon was a pax without a coupon doing burpees

Heavy duffel bag dropped on the circle and 1 pax carries the bag around the circle once, with that acting as the timing mechanism.  Pax rotate one spot to the right after each circle is completed.

After all pax have completed all exercises pax moved to road for 2 ~50 yard sprints (watch out for poles…)

Reset around circle for another round. After all pax have completed all exercises for 2nd time, split group in 2 with half on either side of circle.  Pax instructed to bear crawl for top half of circle, and crab walk for bottom half.  A number of pax were obviously feeling pain given the amount of modification by the pax…

Reset around circle for 3rd and final round. After all pax have completed all exercises for 3rd time pax go to their six, with a trip around the circle and each pax offering an abs exercise..


Continued prayers for the Jones family as today is the 1 year anniversary of Papa Mike’s passing.

Two claps for Steamer and his continued crazy weekend endurance activities, biked 400 miles in 24 hours over the weekend… NBD he showed up for the pre-ruck and BD…

Prayers for Percy and Chelsea’s father-in-law dealing with some heart issues.

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