2.22.22 VQ – Dreams Session

AO: Academy

When: 02/22/2022

QIC: Hollywood

PAX (6): Caffey, Devito, Hollywood, Hoochie, Mayhem, MillerTime


Started the morning welcoming a Kottters back after two year hiatus.  Welcome back Hoochie!


No warm ups at Academy, right to it!

The Thang:

We took off for the Alpharetta City green where we ran into a few pre-runners from Rubicon (No-see-um and Lumbergh).  Made it to green and started with four corner exercises to christen my VQ and celebrate TWOsday…   M.Y.V.Q (22 Merkins, 12 Yerpies, 22 V Roll Ups, and 22 Quad squats).  Found out half way through Miller Time regularly dreams of Devito, but he is intent not to save him when he falls in a pile a dirt.

We then heading behind City Hall to the Soldier memorial and paired up for some partner work.  First partner bear crawled out and toy soldiered back while other partner started counting up to 222 of each: Jump Squats, Star jumps, LBC’s and SSH.

Ran back to Alpharetta green for a quick one partner plank hold while the other partner sprinted to opposite end for 22 dips, 22 squats, and 22 SSH, only had time for one round.

Ran back to Academy and for the last 5 minutes started a Quarter Pounder but only made it through 25 Merkins, 50 Squats (and a failed music playlist) and headed back to the Flag to call it a day.


Praises for Hoochie coming back out, payers for all PAX’s dealing with aliments:  Lumbergh, Pinky, Stroller.  Also prayers for Caffey and construction at home, prayers for his M and 2.0 to get better and prayers for tensions with Russia and Ukraine.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

YHC was excited about my first Q, great work all!  And thanks all for the support for my VQ.

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