Birthday Beatdown (33)

AO: Rubicon

When: 02/17/2022

QIC: Cart Path

PAX (12): Caffey, Devito, Dosido, Hollywood, Lefty, lumbergh, MillerTime, No-See-Um, Red Ryder, Sprocket, Stiff Arm


Grabbed the Q closest to my birthday and was ready sweat.

5 Pax for a Pre-Ruck (Sprocket, Lumbergh, No-See-Um, Hollywood, Dosido)

2 Pax for a Pre-Run (Caffey and Lefty)


Moseyed to Flag and did some high knees and side steps along the way.


Weed Pickers

Toy Soldiers

A round of Protractors

The Thang:

Partnered Up in Parking lot by flag.

One partner would All out sprint down section of parking lot. Turn around at end to proceed to work there way back by quick stepping over parking lot lines working down each line until back to partner. (Imagine each line was a ladder drill )

Other partner would be doing exercise while waiting.

Each Pax would do 3 rounds.

Rd 1: Mercian’s

Rd 2 : Big Boys

Rd 3 : Apollo Ohnos


Switched Partners then moseyed to Hill.

Partner A was to Peter parker / Spider Man up and down the hill, (Quickly audibled to just up the hill) while Partner B did exercise. 3 rounds

Rd 1  : Copperhead Squats

Rd 2 : SSH

Rd 3 : Squat Jumps


Switched Partners then moseyed to the bathroom near tennis court.

Partner A would run to playground and do pull ups to failure (Mine was 2…..) While Partner B did exercise. 3 Rounds

Rd 1 : Balls to wall ( due to be much further away then expected turned into wall squats after )

Rd 2: Dwight Howards

Rd 3: Donkey Kicks ( due to a time reminder by Lefty we quickly abandoned this and group B just did the pull up to failure portians)





Prayers: Nomad work, Lumbergh upcoming surgery, smooth closing of our new house, and healing for Stroller, Pinkey, and Trebeck

Announcements: Grow Ruck and a bunch of running stuff upcoming.

Coffee and TNT that followed. Devito shared a great TNT about truly listening to others from a book he is reading called ” I hear You”

Naked-Man Moleskin:

My last Q felt weak so this week I had to step it up. I heard some complaints even from myself, so I feel my job was satisfactory. Hard work was done by all and I feel were all a little closer to dunking after today.

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