Wreck Crowdsource Q

AO: The Wreck

When: 02/15/2022

QIC: aflac

PAX (9): Bear, Blue, Cutie, Juul, Moonshine, rip, Rooney- timlonergan, Yankee


Illness forced an unscheduled group Q, which seemed to be loosely based around a theme of “What’s the hardest exercises you’ve ever done?”


AFLAC led us to the top of the parking lot by the gym, and commenced with Toy Soldiers, AbeVigoda, and HillBillys.  On the wall for heel raises and toe lifts to finish.

The Thang:

  1. Quick jaunt back to the steep hill that leads up to the gym.  Ladders of Monkey Humpers at top and squats at the bottom commenced, with instructions to mosey to the bottom of hill,  and backwards jog to the top. Ended at bottom of hill, calf and toe raises to the 6.
  2. Moonshine took over the Q:  Longjump + burpee x1, Longjump + burpee x2, +Longjump + burpee  x3, etc all the way up the steep hill. #brutal
  3. Mosey back to upper parking lot: Bear Crawl to middle of parking lot, 10 merkins, backwards mosey to start, 10 Stone Mountains, Repeat x 4.
  4. Mosey to lower playground.  Partner up, 10 Merkins with feet on swings, while partner does 10 pull ups on monkey bars. This went on forever.
  5. Finally, what can only be described as “Broga from Gehenna”.
    • To start, begin in tje Plank position:
    • R leg up, reset, L leg up, reset
    • R arm up, reset, L arm, reset
    • R side plank, reset, L side plank, reset
    • R leg + L arm up, reset, L leg + R arm up, rest
    • L side plank with 10 leg lifts, reset R side plank with 10 leg lifts. end.
    • (at one point, ALL PAX but leader were modifying heavily.  Just sayin’….
  6. Mosey to Flag, Mary to Q


Pretty sure I missed some exercises, and likely some PAX as well.  Just DM @blue and I’ll edit.

Well-attended coffeteria, but quickly dispersed to the nice warm car interiors.

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