The Gap & The Gain

AO: Windjammer

When: 02/11/2022

QIC: Cookie

PAX (10): Cart Path, Cookie, Cox, Dipstick, False Start, Milli Vanilli, Stu, Townie, uga, Walkie Talkie


YHC grabbed the birthday Q and told the PAX that today’s beatdown would be all about mindset.  A beautiful Friday morning in February, 10 PAX answered the call.  A quick disclaimer and short intro into the Gap & the Gain ensued.


A long lap around the parking lap stopping for SSH, Imperial Walker, Weedpicker and Bat Wings (forward arm circle, reverse, seal claps and air press).

Now that our warm-up was complete, head to the WLC entrance for the main event.

The Thang:

The PAX were told that today’s beatdown would be a “you versus you” theme.  The first event would be a half mile run each man timing himself.  We would stagger the starts so you do not know what pace the others are doing.  The IDEAL time that YHC told them to run the half mile was 1:30 seconds.  Yes, 1:30.  More on that later I told the PAX.  And off we went.  YHC told each PAX to remember their time and we would circle back to it later.

Next up was burpees in 1 minute.  Do as many as you could in 1 minute, do not share your score.  YHC told the PAX the IDEAL amount was 30 in 1 minute.  Yes, 30.  More confused faces, but on we pushed.  Remember your total, we will circle back to it later.

Next was pull-ups in 1 minute.  Do as many as you could and do not share you score.  The IDEAL amount was 51.

Next was squats in 1 minute.  The IDEAL amount to reach was 52.

Next was merkins in 1 minute.  The IDEAL amount being 109.

After all 5 round were completed, YHC then let the PAX in on the secret.  The IDEAL times I gave them were all world records, meaning they were not achievable.  We talked a few minutes about how in life we should not measure ourselves against ideals because they are typically unmeasurable and unachievable.  When doing so, it will leave you unhappy.  Instead, we should start with happiness about who we are today and the progress we’ve made to this point.  YHC explained that we would be discussing this topic over TNT and there would be more to come.  Now back to the exercise.  We would complete all 5 rounds again, this time with the goal of beating your last round by at least 1.  And that we did.  We talked about how when you measure gains it is much easier to be happy rather than chasing ideals which leaves you in the gap.  We finished with the 1/2 mile and that took us back to the flag with no time to spare.


Words of gratitude were spoken.  A few prayers were lifted up.  Coffee and TNT followed.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

TNT message shared by YHC.  Content inspired by the book “The Gap and the Gain” by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Are you living in the Gap or the Gain?
Living in the “gap”, means you are chasing an unreachable and always moving ideal, and you are never truly happy.  Living in the “gain” means that you use happiness as a starting point and measure progress by looking backwards.  In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote about 3 unalienable rights given by our creator using the phrase “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.  Although Jefferson’s intention was good, he missed the mark about happiness being something that you pursue.  This notion helped shape the culture in America that happiness is unattainable.  By saying happiness is something we are pursuing, the implication is that we do not have it now.  You do not pursue something you already have.  By embracing the never ending pursuit of happiness, we rob ourselves from the accomplishments of who we are today, and what we have achieved to this point in our lives.  When you are chasing happiness externally, it is because you are disconnected internally.  When you are disconnected internally, you are trying to fill a gap.  Instead, choose happiness now.  Then expand upon your happiness as you measure gains in your life.
Unreachable Ideals
Ideals are not something you actually ever achieve.  Trying to pursue an ideal always puts you in the gap.  Ideals are like the horizon in the desert, they illuminate the path ahead and give you measurable and achievable targets.  But like the horizon, ideals are immeasurable, unreachable and constantly moving.  Ideals are not something to measure yourself against.  A much better formula for happiness, confidence and success is to measure backwards.   By doing so you liberate yourself from the gap, you get off the never ending treadmill of working harder trying to reach an unreachable goal, and you stop comparing or competing with anyone else.
Needs vs. Wants
Needing anything outside of yourself is a form of being in the gap.  You have an unhealthy attachment to something external.  For instance, you need that promotion at work or you need that person’s approval.  When you are driven by need instead of want, you have a desperation to fulfill that need.  The problem is that these needs become unresolved internal pain.  When you are in the gap, you fail to look inside and to admit that you are miserable.
Training yourself to be happy is 100% internal, and is a form of living in the gain.  Happiness cannot come from something outside yourself.  It is a single player game.
Why is living in the gain important?
A recent poll revealed that only about 14% of adults say they are very happy.  Research also shows that happy people live up to 10 years longer than unhappy people.  The way to be happy is to not measure your happiness against an ideal.  Instead, always measure backwards.  Focus on the gains you are making.  Happiness should always be your starting point.  It should expand when you realize the gains you’ve made.
Always an honor to lead.  There is no better way to start another trip around the sun than to be in the gloom with you fellas.

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