Double the Fun and don’t appropriate my AO

AO: Widowmaker

When: 02/12/2022

QIC: Zohan

PAX (13): Animal, defcon2, Feathers, Ha-ha, Meatball, Morphine, Skip-pe, Speedo, Tick, YouTube, Zohan, Operation [FNG], Tin Man [FNG]


Preblast on slack was Double the Fun.


Modified disclaimer – not a professional, don’t hurt yourself, Widowmaker belongs to Johns Creek sub-region and modify as necessary.

At the soccer field mosey around half the court, but always facing same direction. So run forward, sideways, backwards and other sideway.

Some comments were made about the Widowmaker being in Alpharetta city limits but YHC let that slide, only noting that The Gladiator is in East Roswell Park, not East Johns Creek Park, and yet no one has an issue with it being part of the Johns Creek sub region.

Circle up for SSH, Imperial Walkers, Baby arm circles forward and backwards and Chinooks.

YHC explained that the beatdown will be full body, but that each of us has a weak area we want/need to work on. Each PAX was asked to select an announce Upper body, Core or Lower body. We got a good mix of responses.

The Thang:

Mosey to the parking lot with the coupons. YHC picked up a Board of Pain that was laying there.

In the spirit of Double the Fun, there was a second Board of Pain laying on the other side of the parking lot (YHC was praying hard it was moved/discarded by the park’s maintenance or something, as I placed it there an hour early).

Each board had 8 exercises. No numbers – the count is 30 for all. Some of the exercises were marked with U, C or L to indicate Upper body, Core or Lower body respectively. Based on the category of choice, each PAX would double the count for the appropriate exercises.

The PAX would start with the first exercise on the nearby board – 30 Burpees (for some reason, this did not elicit the joyful calls YHC expected) – and would then run to the other side of the parking lot for the first exercise there, then back for the 2nd and so forth.

The first board had: Burpees, Squats (L), SSH, Curls (U), Shoulder Press (U), Monkey Humpers (L), Skull Crushers (U), Dying Cockroach (C)

The second board had: BBSU (C), Merkins (U), American Hammers (C), Imperial Walkers (L), Freddie Mercury (C), Bonnie Blairs, Peter Parkers, Jump Squats (L).

YHC failed to provide clear instructions for the gazelles once they’re done, so some PAX started over from the bottom of the board, missing out on the opportunity of doing more burpees. Others went to pick up the six.

After a couple of confusing minutes I called for recover and we started to head back.


We moseyed back toward the flag but first stopped at the restroom building and partnered up. One PAX would assume Balls to the Wall position while the other run to the benches under the pavilion do 2 burpees and come back. Switch. Complete 3 rounds.

We then lunged back toward the benches and from there moseyed to the flag and back into the soccer field for some Mary. After a low plank for the 6, YHC asked to assume a Big Boys Sit Up position and lift left leg up. We did 10 situps with the leg raised. Then flapjacked for 10 more situps with right leg raised. The Mary continued with LBCs, Pickle Pointers (renamed to Alabama Prom Date) and Pickle Pounders (renamed to Alabama Prison Date).

At that point YHC heard additional remarks about the supposed disposition of the Widowmaker in the grand scheme of things and called for 5 penalty Burpees. Time.



Named 2 FNGs – welcome Tin Man and Operation!

Call for men to step up and lead within their sub-region.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I love this group of men. The whole region. We keep saying that we do stupid stuff, and I guess we do, but there’s a lot of wisdom hiding underneath it. Being constantly immersed in the mindset of Getting Better, that is not limited to a single aspect of my life but to the whole of it, has improved my life and made me joyful and thankful.

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