Hoops and Hot Potatoes

AO: Boneyard

When: 02/11/2022

QIC: Speedo

PAX (10): Boomer, Feathers, Funyun, Mater, Meatball, NRA, RaspberryPi, Speedo, vertigo, Zohan


A beautiful morning greeted 10 pax who showed up to ‘celebrate’ YHC’s birthday.  The flag was planted, cinders unloaded, basketball delivered, stretches done, disclaimer given and we were off.


Mosey down the path to say good morning to the JCPD officer then back around behind the pickleball courts and to the parking lot next to the basketball courts for:

  • SSH x12
  • Weed pickers x12
  • Hillbillies x12
  • SSAC (plank then raise left arm for 15 IC arm circles, on your six for 15 IC LBCs, back to plank and raise right arm for 15 IC arm circles, back to plank for 15 IC merkins)


The Thang:

We headed to the basketball court where an almost-fully-inflated ball was waiting.  We had 10 PAX and YHC had planned for 10 shots so it worked out perfectly.  The idea was each PAX would take a shot from the free-throw line.  If they made the shot every PAX would do the exercise in the ‘Made’ column YHC created ahead of time, otherwise everyone did the exercise in the ‘Miss’ column on the same list. YHC anticipated at least a few misses and balanced out the fun so we weren’t doing burpees the whole time (much to Vertigo’s disappointment).  Let’s just say we did a lot of different things including burpees, monkey humpers, squats, diamonds, and suicides.  Props to Raspberry Pi for making the only shot of the morning.

Mosey to the big field (THAT big field, not that big field) for some Run DMCs.  Run a loop, 20 Diamonds, run another loop, 20 Merkins, run another loop, 20 Carolina Dry Docks.  The gazelles ran an extra loop and we were all sucking a bit of wind.

Head to the picnic tables where we performed some 40 Hairy Rockettes.  These are standard dips but after each one, you kick a leg up like the famous Rockettes.  We learned that Feathers once tried out for the Rockettes but was shown the door after a wardrobe malfunction…he can tell you the rest of the story.

Moseyed back down to the lacrosse field (one of the other big fields) where YHC had dropped two cinders for something I called Hot Potato.  We counted off 1-2-1-2.  Each team lined up at midfield on their six facing the sideline.  The first (last?) PAX would grab the cinder and quickly pass to the PAX on his right then get up and run to the end (front?) of the line and sit back down to receive the always-moving cinder.  We learned several things during this activity.  First, grown men can’t stay in a straight line.  Second, cinders are not easily passed from one person to another.  Third, maybe we shouldn’t do this again.  At the far end, YHC called it a tie and we all did 25 recovery monkey humpers.  The next ‘race’ was going the opposite direction but standing up this time.  We had to travel the full length of the field this time and, although team 1 was first, YHC called it a tie again and we did 10 burpees to celebrate.

Power merkins were next on the menu.  Partner up.  P1 planks and P2 puts his feet on the back of P1 and performs 10 derkins.  P1 then performs 10 merkins with P2’s feet still on his back.  Flapjack.  This one is really tough for the planking pax, especially if the other pax is a lot bigger.  Mumblechatter was strong on this one.

The last exercise on the pitch was a simple suicide.  Run to midfield and back, then to the far end and back then to midfield and back.

Back to the flag where YHC said the only rule was that we had to do 28 reps of any called exercise since this number was approximately half of my age.  So, given all the exercise options he had to choose from Feathers decides to call for Annies.  Nice work on those as I had to take a break several times on our way to 28.  Zohan called 28 Rosalitas.  Boomer called 28 Freddies.  Then YHC closed us out with the Manatee stretch.  Look it up…a great way to finish up.


Prayers for Vertigo’s side gig interview today or Monday.  Prayers for Boomer’s daughter who sustained a concussion in a car accident last week and is dealing with the lingering effects.  Praises for this group of men who came out to work hard on my birthday.  Prayers for wisdom for us all as we face the trials and options that this day will bring to us.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

There is really nothing I would have rather done this morning than work out with you guys.  OK maybe a couple of things I would have rather done but it was a great time.  I appreciate each of you for posting and working hard.  It’s my hope that I can continue to post for many more years and celebrate birthdays with each of you as well.  Have a great weekend.

— Speedo out

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