Suomi Biathlete

AO: Norseman

When: 02/10/2022

QIC: Stu

PAX (9): Callahan, Chapter 11, Ha-ha, Huckleberry, Ivy League, Jethro, Pepper, Striper, Sven


Coffee afterwards instead of sauna?  What kind of country is this?


Run/ski up the hill to Tennis courts

Need some motivation to train and compete (motivators, weedpicker…..)

The Thang:

Parking space box with merkins/burpees up to 7

Run through trails, stop for derkins / dips and toe taps

Mountain climber pyramid  with penalty lap

Trails  back to flag

Pax-led Mary


Good luck to St Francis wrestlers today

Very strong Q list next week with Bottom Bunk and WalkieTalkie


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Callahan reminded us that life can be like an endurance event(50K ski race).  Someone is always watching and we need to get better every day.  Thanks for letting me have some fun.  Sven mic drop.

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