Family Feud – Pizza Theme

AO: Big Creek

When: 02/09/2022

QIC: Benny

PAX (9): Benny


Today is National Pizza Day and I used that as the theme of the beatdown.


mosey to usual spot


Abe Vigodas

Willy May Hayes




The Thang:

What food goes great with pizza?

Wings of course.


We did these exercises in cadence

Started with 20 x Forward Arm Circles, starting position move, in cadence, exercise. Hold

20 x Backwards Arm Circles, hold,

20 x seal claps, hold,

20 x overhead claps. Hold

Add your ranch or bleu cheese:

Moroccan Night Club,

Cherry Pickers,

Mike Tyson’s,


Michael Phelps to shake it out.

next we partnered up, grabbed a coupon and headed to football field for family feud time.

The partnering up was really just used to divide the group into 2 groups or teams.

A series of mostly pizza themed questions were asked and general rules below:

If your team gets the number 1 answer, you chose to do a running or non-running exercise.  The losing team will do the opposite exercise. 

If your team does not get the number 1 answer, that team’s members do 5 burpees while the other group answers the question.  Each group answers the question and do burpees if incorrect until the correct answer is given.  At which point each team did the assigned exercise.  While waiting each PAXs did squats.

Answers way out in left field got extra burpees.

We returned our coupons and did an Indian run back towards flag shouting a different pizza topping as we moved to front.  Any repeats would have resulted in more burpees.

we had some time and went around the circle each naming a workout to do before ending.

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