Mary in the middle

AO: Atlas

When: 02/08/2022

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (5): Rusty, Thud, Turbine, Waterboy


As stated on Monday afternoon, YHC may have needed some motivation to post on Tuesday following an awesome but brutal weekend of Hillseeker action. So YHC grabbed the open Q slot and started to lay out a plan…….at 10:00 pm nevertheless.


Waterboy, who is up from F3 Nature Coast on business, luckily saw YHC’s message about coming to Atlas for a chance to get swole…..he didn’t disappoint and posted up at 5:18 am ready to roll.  As did 3 other pax not wanting to let the Tuesday gloom get the best of them!!


After disclaimer given and before cindy’s were gathered, the men did some of the usual warm-up.

SSH, Imperial Walkers, Frankensteins, Weedpickers, Copperhead Squats, Arm Circles and Covids.

The Thang:

After retrieving our coupons, YHC rolled out his 25 lbs slam ball in the middle of the circle and here’s what started us out.


With Cindy’s on the outside:

  • 1st round: Curls (AMRAP)
  • 2nd round: OH Press (AMRAP)
  • 3rd round: Swings (AMRAP)


Each pax would rotate to the middle (while other men would continue w/ above work) and with the slam ball do:

  • 5-Slams
  • 10-Slam Burpees
  • 15-Big Boi’s with ball


For a break, the pax Cusak’ed to light pole and back.

All plank for 60 seconds then low plank for 60 seconds. Then proceeded to do a little Mary in the middle because….well, why not.

All IC and with Cindy’s:

  • American Hammers x10
  • Flutters x10
  • Dolly’s x10
  • Rosalita’s x10


Cusak to opposite light pole and back then some 11’s with Goblet Squats/Dead Lifts. YHC wanted to do some Cindy slides on pavement but the pax voted otherwise…..bunch of pansies. More Cusak in between would have to do.

Next some Supermans then Plank x60 seconds following by some Shoulder Taps then some more low plank x60 seconds.  Finished off the morning with some more mary (WWII sit-ups, J-Lo’s, Dying Cockroaches, etc) while each pax Farmer Carried two blocks around curb and back.


And that was time!



  • Pony Boy’s M soon to have third child.
  • Turbine with 30 miler this Saturday.
  • Waterboy’s safety this week while in town and traveling back on Thursday.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

  • Great morning out ITG and glad YHC thought to put on truck tunes in lieu of no phone at the moment.
  • Good to have Waterboy with us from F3 Nature Coast and looking forward to seeing you rest of the week here in F3 Alpha!
  • The HIM putting in real work this am as not a lot of mumble chatter for the most part.

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