Where is the Windjammer Flag?

AO: Hoppylike

When: 02/04/2022

QIC: Stroller

PAX (1): Stroller


With Hillseeker and Scorch Trials going on, it was a stretch to expect anyone else at Hoppylike today. Yet YHC held out hope right until 05:30:00, at which time the run promptly commenced.

Rain seemed scarier in the car then when I exited the mobile fartsack.

The Thang:


YHC set a course for the Windjammer by way of Preston Ridge. Hoppylike has a long history of capturing Windjammer’s flag and today seemed like a great time for the next chapter in the saga. Upon reaching Windjammer, YHC was most disappointed to see one lone car there and no flag in sight. Outmaneuvered by False Start!

At about 40 minutes in, the rain picked up and was also significantly colder than it had been to that point. While this would have been great if there were 5 minutes left in the run, YHC was just crossing the Greenway on Webb Bridge at that point. Rain let up after a bit, but the cold stayed.


Prayers were lifted for the Hillseekers and YHC also petitioned for wisdom

Naked-Man Moleskin:

This past weekend, my 2.0 asked me why I didn’t just cancel my run because it was too cold. It was a great opportunity to tell her that sometimes in life we have to do things even when the conditions aren’t perfect. Our kids learn from what we do. Today was another chance to teach that lesson.

Today would have been easy to cancel, but I think there’s something meaningful in knowing that someone is always there to plant the shovel flag. Think of how embarrassing it would have been if a DR PAX or FNG had pulled in and found no one at 0530. Sure, we could have got into contact eventually and explained Hillseeker etc. But I much prefer the answer that someone was there because we have an obligation to be there whenever we put a pin on the map. When we have our eyes on the mission, we know how important that is.

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