The Train Station at East Roswell Park

AO: Gladiator

When: 02/01/2022

QIC: Zohan

PAX (11): Cart Path, Delicious, Feathers, Fire Drill, Moonshine, RaspberryPi, Scratch-Off, Spandex, Speedo, Zohan, Brownie


YHC wanted to bring a page from Hall of Justice AO in Gwinnett – whenever a train passes by the PAX stop whatever they are doing for 10 Burpees.

2 problems stood in the way:

  1. Train schedule. Maybe there wouldn’t be any trains at this time and then what?
  2. There are no trains near The Gladiator at all

YHC wouldn’t let such minute detail stand in his way and devised a plan.


Started with a regular disclaimer, followed by demonstrating 2 Merkin variations the PAX likely aren’t familiar. YHC announced that we’ll do 10 Burpees if we hear a train, which (as expected) raised a few eyebrows due to the obvious lack of trains nearby.

Mosey around the parking lot. YHC pointed toward 4 cones that were placed at the corners a couple minutes earlier. Circle up around a speaker that was already playing carefully curated tunes for Copper Head Squats, Hillbillies, Baby Arm Circles and Mountain Climbers.


The Thang:

4 Corners

PAX would choose a starting cone and will do the first of four exercises listed on that cone, then mosey to the next cone and again do only the first exercise. When a PAX finishes going through all 4 cones, meet at the center. If the PAX seems to be one of the last 5 PAX to finish go directly to the middle. Otherwise run a lap around the parking lot first.

The 2nd round we’ll start together and then each PAX will do the 2nd exercise on each one. And so forth.

The 4 cones had:

Core: 30 Big Boys, 30 Flatter Kicks (4 count), 30 Freddie Mercury (4 count), American Hammers (4 count).

Merkins: 30 regular Merkins, 30 Hand Release Merkins, 30 One and a Half Merkins, 30 Peter Parker Merkins.

Note: The merkins were inspired by a video shared by DC2, which included escalating difficulty levels of merkins.

Legs: 30 Squats, 30 Monkey Humpers, 30 Jump Squats, 30 Lunges (4 count, which works like Alpha count for such an exercise)

Cardio: 30 SSH (4 count), 30 Mountain Climbers (4 count), 30 Side to Side Jumps (4 count), 30 High Knees (4 count)


Shortly after starting the first cone in the first round, the music was interrupted by the sounds of a train passing by. The PAX was very excited (though they could not see the train) and immediately started to do Burpees. The excitement faded somewhat when the next train passed by, and the next, and the next…  All in all 5 or 6 trained were heard.

How could that be? Did YHC spend a few hours during the night to move the train tracks around town and mess with the schedule, or did he download a sound track and incorporated into a well planned TABATA? I guess we shall never know.

We had time for just a bit of Mary, started with Brownie calling for Dying Cockroaches and YHC calling for LBCs and Dollies.

A final train was heard AFTER YHC called time and no burpees were asked for. YHC don’t think any would have been received either.


Prayers for Scratch-Off upcoming newborn. Praises for my M – a few weeks ago I shared with the group she was looking for a job. Same day I asked for prayers she got a job offer and yesterday was her first day at work.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

On the way back home YHC spend some time putting all the train tracks back into place.

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