Marriage Core Values

AO: Gladiator

When: 01/25/2022


PAX (13): Bo Knows, Cheneral, defcon2, DREAMER, Moonshine, Scratch-Off, Spandex, Speedo, Tebow, vertigo, Brownie


My wife and I have been married 8 years today! What a blessing and wild ride it’s been. Marriage has its challenges for sure but great things are never easy. Therefore, let us embark on a morning of greatnesses. Modify as necessary.



Warm Up

  • Mosey the parking lot
  • High Knees across, butt kickers back, shuffle left across, shuffle right back
  • Mosey to the pavilion by the playground

The Thang:

“MARRIAGE” (each: 25 reps, low plank for the 6). 

  • M: Merkins
  • A: Alpha Count Mtn Climbers
  • R: Run a lap around the playground
  • R: Recovery Burpees
  • I: Imperial Walkers
  • A: And more Burpees
  • G: Glory Glory (aka Kirby Smarts)
  • E: Everyone get a partner. Partner Plank Leg Raises.

Mosey to the field


  • S: Squat
  • E: Everyone Bernie the box
  • R: Ready for more 25 more Burpees?
  • V: Vertigo – call out the exercise! He called bear crawls. A worthy choice.
  • E: Enjoy 25 American hammers & LBCs


  • L: Lt Dan. Base to mid.
  • O: Of course, let’s broad jump to the box and bear crawl to the baseline
  • V: Victory Sprint, Full length
  • E: Everyone back to the Flag


Prayers for DC2’s training. Quite bunch this morning. They must have had a good solid beat down.

Naked-Man Moleskin:


What fun. As someone going through an extremely full season of life I can’t express enough how grateful I am for this bunch. Great work – I’m constantly impressed how everyone pushes themselves.

Keep Christ the center and anchor of your life and your marriage will reap the fruit.


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