And the Lord said, “Ascend the mountain, in exercises of 1 and 4”

AO: Widowmaker

When: 01/22/2022

QIC: Dinghy

PAX (10): Boomer, Cox, defcon2, NRA, Ready-Mix (F3), Speedo, Splinter, TMI, Skippy


With YHC having his first Q at the Widowmaker, the pressure was on to administer a beatdown worthy of the AO. Pax getting up on a Saturday deserve a challenge, making planning critical. Needing some inspiration, YHC turned to the Almighty, and that theme of  climbing mountains to get 10 commandments while doing lunge walks, building arks so that bears can crawl and monkeys can, well, do what monkeys do in multiples of  1 and 2. Surely this crew would appreciate such a physical and mental challenge!

So – gave the standard disclaimer, and off we went…..


Exercises all in multiples of 10:

Weedpickers (SLOW)



Moroccan nightclubs


Mosey to the top of Widowmaker hill


The Thang:

CH 1 – Tho’ We walk in the Valley

Pax descended the hill, doing 20 lunge walks (or 10 alpha count) with 11’s down the hill (Downhill merkins with UPHILL big boy situps), when completed mosey to the bottom and plank for the 6

CH 2 – The Babylonian Captivity

Partnered up. Basic Dora workout with partners completing 100 hand release merkins, 200 single count flutter kicks, and 300 squats. Partners not exercising ran up the Widowmaker hill to the end of the right guardrail, then returned. Mary for the 6

CH 3 – They Ascended the Mountain

Pax conducted an ascent in multiples of (1) Alpha Count/Left-Right Bear Crawl, (1) Carolina Dry Dock, and (2) Monkey Humpers, all the way up to 10/10/20 of each (YHC calls this a Bear Dry Hump). After completing 10/10/20 of each, PAX completed the ascent with a run to the top. Plank for the 6. NOTE THAT THERE WAS A SHRUBBERY SIGHTING WHILE WE COUNTED DOWN! Mosey back to the soccer field

CH 4 – You cannot cut those corners!

Starting at the near corner, performed diamond merkins/mountain climbers (alpha)/crunchy frogs/sumo squats in reps of 5/10/15/20 at successive corners. When complete, sprint to the starting corner. All Pax go back to bring in the 6

CH 5 – Mary told them to get in shape!

Using the new superset designed by Fannypack, Pax did a “Lieutenant Loki” (Captain Thor’s evil twin). OYO, 1 American Hammer with 4 LBC’s, done all the way up to 10 AH / 40 LBC’s. Time was called with most PAX completing round 8 (WELL DONE ON FINISHING, BOOMER!)


Please check Slack announcements for this year’s Climbing Kili Challenge.

We also held others up:

  1. Continued prayers for Eric Blissett as he continues his battle with Covid
  2. Prayers for Boomer’s mother-in-law, that her knee surgery is succesful and recovery rapid
  3. Prayers for Wicka-Wicka, that he finds a kidney donor ASAP

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Today was special for YHC. An hour long BD in a place named after a deadly spider will stretch one’s ability to plan, remember the BD, and lead men, all the while realizing that you only have yourself to blame for being dog tired (i.e., tough BD by design). But this is what builds those physical and leadership muscles. Humble and heartfelt thanks to all pax today – your efforts were well appreciated! Great work, men!

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