Exicon Casserole

AO: Boneyard

When: 01/21/2022

QIC: Speedo

PAX (3): FannyPack, Mater, Speedo


Icy conditions with virtually zero visibility, snowdrifts as high as houses, wind chill close to zero…YHC was very glad the beat down was not going to be in Bismark, ND.  Three appropriately-dressed PAX posted and worked hard.  With the pax count, YHC determined early that the planned beat down would need to change.  We would pull a variety of things out and throw them into the pan for an exercise casserole of sorts.


After a thorough disclaimer, we moseyed a bit then found some pavement for:

  • Weed pickers x10
  • SSH x10
  • Arm circles x10
  • IW x10

The Thang:

YHC figured out quickly that with only three of us an audible was in order.  Moseyed to the middle of the veterans’ memorial wall where we bear-crawled to the far end.  Crab walking back to the middle we were introduced to the Motor City Shuffle.  One rep included:

  • Lunge walk x2
  • Burpee x1
  • Merkins x5
  • Plank jacks x5
  • Frog jump/broad jump x1

So this is how we traversed the other half of the memorial’s sidewalk.  PAX quickly figured out that long lunge walks and jumps would make the pain go away faster.

Moseyed to the pavilion where we each grabbed a picnic table.  The exicon’s name for this exercise is Ninnie Knockers for unknown reasons.  Sitting on the picnic table, leaning back on elbows, toes pointed to the floor so that the entire body is in a straight line. The “1” count is to bring knees as close to your chest as you can, “2” is to extend with your toes pointing straight to the floor, “3 and 4” is repeato.  It’s like a gas pumper on a table…so that explains Ninnie Knockers…or maybe not.

Onto the big field for a round of four corners.  Since the plan (made up on the spot) was to run the entire large field we made the most of each stop by doing 50 reps of each:

  1. Sumo squats
  2. Monkey humpers (words can’t describe how much ‘fun’ these are after squats)
  3. Merkins
  4. Carolina dry docks / Stone Mountains

Mosey past the playground then down the stairs to the mosquito factory/pond.  Dips/derkins/step-ups on the wall.  Started with 10 each then up to 15.  We would come back down this short step-ladder later.

Next was a round of 7’s on the stairs.  Burpees at the bottom and star jumps at the top.

We then finished the dips/derkins/step-up ladder with another round of 10.

Bunny hops up the stairs with a short recovery walk and then a mosey to the lacrosse field.  We repeated the four corners noted above but decreased the reps to only 25 of each.

Back to the place where there is sometimes a flag (who has the Boneyard flag anyway??) for some mary including:

  • Plank dips x10 – these suck.  From plank rotate your hips down to the ground on each side. 1 left, 2 regular, 3 right, 4 regular.  It’s kind of like a J-Lo but hurts in different places and in different ways.
  • Fanny pack led us with some Freddie Mercuries
  • Mater closed us out with dying cockroaches


Prayers for Mater’s daughter and their whole family with possible Covid exposure.  Prayers for Trebek who is recovering from a back injury.  Praises that DIY has found a place close to his family.  We’ll miss him but glad he’s back close to his kids.  Prayers for wisdom for all of our leaders…local, state, national.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Flexibility was key today as I had a different plan in mind but it assumed a higher pax count.  Thankful for the guys who posted and look forward to seeing the rest of you boneheads soon.

–Speedo out

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