Back to the… 80’s?

AO: Windjammer

When: 01/21/2022

QIC: Dipstick

PAX (9): Cookie, Cox, Milli Vanilli, NRA, Townie, uga, Walkie Talkie, Waffle House


We started off with a little disclosure, as usual. Then, off to the Dam!


SSH, Imperial Walkers, Weed Pickers, Covids, Arm Circles

Then, off to the races, back to the parking lot!

The Thang:

Thang 1:

Musical DORA, Find a partner

Song 1, Kickstart My Heart – Moroccan Nightclubs

Song 2, I Love Rock ‘N Roll – Merkins

Song 3, Eye of the Tiger – LBC’s

Song 4, It’s Tricky – Squats

Song 5, Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Flutter Kicks

Thang 2:

Movie trivia time! Split into 2 groups. We used the ‘exergon’ to determine exercises and the team with the correct answer got to decide whether or not they ran, or did the exercise until the other team returned. Unfortunately, I underestimated my fellow PAX and we had MANY occasions where both teams answered correctly. So, we all suffered together running, or doing the exercise.

Some representative questions:

How many gigawatts did the DeLorean need in order to time travel? Tie breaker – What speed did the DeLorean need to hit?

In Rainman, a waitress drops a box of toothpicks and Ray quickly looks, assesses, and says there are how many toothpicks on the floor? This was meant to be a “closest answer” guess, but of course one of the PAX knew the exact answer. Definitely 246.

Who hosted the Oscars the most throughout the 80’s?

How much money (value of the bearer bonds) did Hans Gruber intend to steal from Nakatomi Plaza?

After a good round of questions, and some laughter about my unusually small weinke (please don’t tell anyone!), we moseyed over to the flag for some fun.

We finished up with a Guantanamo, but YHC did all the pushing (and endured some gassing). As the smoke cleared, we hit time!


Convergence for the 10-year anniversary of F3 ATL at Piedmont Park this Saturday. Carpools leaving from the Windjammer.

Safe travels to False Start and his family.

Thoughts and prayers for those in need, sick, and the Children in Tanzania that Doughboy and several other PAX are working to help out next month. Great work, men.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Townie offered some thoughtful advice on maintaining our mind and bodies, with details to be shared on Slack.

Mentioned the NLB men, and that we now have an AO on-site for them. Thanks to Miller Time and Cookie for all their efforts there.

Talked a bit about managing vs. leading, and how impactful F3 has been in the lives of a few of the PAX, particularly around leadership.

As always, it was an honor to lead!

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