Transition of Power at The Norseman

AO: Norseman

When: 01/20/2022

QIC: Dr. Rico

PAX (17): Beaker, Birdie, Chapter 11, Cox, False Start, Ha-ha, Huckleberry, lumbergh, Milli Vanilli, Nacho Libre, Pepper, Stu, Switch, TMI, Townie, Walkie Talkie


It’s time for The Norseman AO to get an upgrade in leadership, and we are ecstatic that our wonderful brother (and now leader) Stu is going to be leading us…so YHC decided to dedicate a beatdown to him.

Shout-out to Birdie for letting me steal his Q…and he still showed up!


Stand up Windjammer!  We had a number of visitors from the Windjammer AO where Stu is a regular.  It was great to see their support of Stu.  Even “His Highness” the Windjammer dictator False Start showed up to “ensure a smooth transition of power”.  And he always get his way so there would be no shenanigans today.  Also, shout out to Lumberg for coming and supporting!

The usual disclaimer, except now I got to say don’t hold Stu liable.  Huge burden lifted off my shoulders.  Now I don’t need to keep a lawyer on retainer in case someone trips over a curb and comes after my house.

Quick mosey on over to the parking lot by the softball fields.

  • SSH
  • Hillbillies
  • Weedpickers

Anyone who has ever attended a Stu-Q knows he (and only he) likes to add the motivator into the workout.  So in his honor we did some motivators.  We started with 10, but due to the vigorous and well-founded complaints from the PAX we counted down from 10 by 2s instead of 1s.  I’m easily susceptible to peer pressure apparently.

The Thang:

We moseyed on over to the newest turf football field in Alpharetta (fun fact curtesy of Haha) for our Stu-Themed Beatdown.  We found out that it holds its water very well.

Since Stu is our new SiteQ it is important to get to know him a bit better.  So we split into two teams and played a little Stu trivia. After each trivia question, there was a Stu-themed exercise depending on if “Team 1” or “Team Stu” got the correct answer.

If the team got the correct answer, both teams did STU.  60 reps of the below because of Stu’s double respect.

  • Squats – 30
  • T-bombs – 20
  • bUrpees – 10

then run a lap.

If the team got the answer wrong, YHC made up a Stu-themed exercise based on his singular love of fire hydrants (again, nobody else but Stu ever includes these in a BD).  The exercise was basically a moving fire hydrant.  Get on your hands and knees, lift one leg to be parallel to the ground, and lower it down in front of where you picked it up.  Switch legs and repeat.

First answer the team got wrong, 10 yards and back of The Stu.  Second answer 20 yards and back, and so on. Aside from some minor cheating by “Team Stu”…everyone hated The Stu.  Not sure it’s ever going to be seen again.

Below are the questions that were asked to the PAX. Additionally, after each question we tried to get Stu to expand on his answers and here are some additional things we learned about him.

  • He has been to Finland 5 times for “work”.  That’s what he claims, but we believe it is so he can visit their grocery stores that apparently have entire aisles full of black licorice
  • Brits have the worst teeth
  • The tooth implant was invented in Norway
  • He believes that once you’ve done something on your bucket list it can still stay on the bucket list…what a take
  • He hiked the grand canyon in a day…beast!
  1. Who EH’d you to F3?
    1. Friend from work
    2. My son
    3. Nobody, I found it online
  2. How did you get the name Stu? (I know the answer to this one but it needs to be asked 🙂
    1. Worked in a soup and sandwich shop in high school
    2. My son loves the character Stewie in Family which got shortened to Stu
    3. Ed helms character in the hangover (Thanks to HaHa, Callahan, and Nacho)
  3. Where did you grow up?
    1. Southern Shores of Lake Ontario
    2. Southern Shores of Lake Michigan
    3. Southern Shores of Lake Erie
  4. How did you meet your M?
    1. Work
    2. Set up by a friend
    3. College
  5. First concert? (classic F3 question)
    1. Jackson Browne
    2. Simon and Garfunkle
    3. James Taylor
  6. What is something we’d never guess about you?
    1. I am the son of two immigrants
    2. I have never been to Florida
    3. I don’t like ice cream
  7. Greatest fear?
    1. Nacho tractor tire beatdown
    2. Snakes
    3. Not accomplishing my biggest dreams
  8. Do you have a guilty pleasure you’d be willing to share (besides Adele )?  If so, what is it?
    1. Black Licorice
    2. I watch The Bachelor with my wife
    3. I also love Taylor Swift
  9. Top item on your bucket list?
    1. Hike the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim
    2. Skydive in Hawaii
    3. Vacation in Santorini Greece
  10. How many PAX attended the largest Norseman BD?
    1. 40
    2. 50
    3. 60

Question that didn’t make the cut

  1. What is your dream vacation?
    1. Skiing in fresh light deep powder with warmed red wine and a hot tub after


Thanks to everyone who showed up to support our friend and leader Stu.  It was really great to see so many brothers come out and support.

10 year F3 Atlanta anniversary convergence at the location formerly known as Grady high school this Saturday

Prayers up for my wife who is due to have our second son next Tuesday!

For our TNT, YHC gave a small reminisce on my time as SiteQ which led to a discussion on the importance of setting an example as a leader.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It’s been an absolute pleasure, privilege, learning opportunity, and humbling experience to be the SiteQ of the great Norseman AO. Thank you to Nacho Libre for giving me the opportunity about a year ago.  And thank you to all the accelerating men who led Qs, participated in Qs, invited out FNGs (even if they didn’t join, all we can do is invite), improved your fitness, shared some laughs, dropped some sweat (and blood @Pumba), and created some memories.

I sincerely appreciate each and every one of you and for helping me become a better man.  I hope to reciprocate your goodness in the future.

Onwards and upwards Stu!

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